What is the digital divide?

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The term digital divide refers to the "gap" between those who have access to modern digital technology, and those who don't have access.

It refers to the relative social status of different sections of society in the modern computer and information technology age. It refers to the gap between those with regular access to digital products, computers, and information technology and those without it.

Specifically this applies to poorer sections of society, people living in remote areas away from big cities, and the large population of developing and underdeveloped countries. Most have no access to computers in education, nor other benefits of modern information technology, such as the internet.
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How do you divide three digit numbers?

Answer . \nYou divide them the same way that you would using 1 or 2 numbers. It is just diving 3 numbers into a number instead of just using 1 or 2. It is that simple. It is just annoying having to manually doit though. I use a calculator now that I am out of school. Good luck.

What is digital divide?

The digital divide refers to how much of a gap there is between people who have access to technology and those who don't, such as 3rd world countries who have very little access to technology

What are the Benefits and drawbacks of narrowing digital divide?

one benefit is that everyone will be able to improve there lifestyle due to the use of technology. a drawback is that due to the fact technology is moving so quickly, the LEDC's won't be able to keep up with the latest technologies which the MEDC's are using.

Who does the The Digital Divide affect?

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How do you divide 3 digit numbers with 2 digit numbers?

You just start with seeing how many times the 2 digit number can go into the 1st 2 numbers of the 3 digit number. Then you put how many times the 2 digit number can go into the 1st 2 digits of the 3 digit number up top. It's called long division, which is basically a system of finding how many (MORE)

What are the causes of digital divide?

basic factors attributed to digital divide include economic resources, education, information literacy skill and personal motivation,there a lot of others factors

How do you do dividing 2 digit by 1 digit numbers?

Divided : 100 / 10 = 10\n. \n10 / 10 = 1\n. \n1 / 1 =1\n. \nYou Take Away The Zeros/Add a decimal point.\n. \nTo divide in general, you see how many times one number can be put into another. (Eg. 50/5 = 10)\n. \n50/5 - To divide 50 by 5, you must see how many times 5 can be put into 50. You ca (MORE)

How much two digits divide by 3?

\n. \nYou can find the answer of this question using A.P.(Arithmetic Progression). Its the easiest way. Here's the solution:\n. \nFirst 2-digit no. divisible by 3 = 12\n. \nSecond 2-digit no. divisible by 3 = 15\n. \nLast 2-digit no. divisible by 3 = 99\n. \nHence, the 2-digit no.s divisible by (MORE)

Basic idea of the digital divide?

The digital divide pertains to a separation between the informedand uninformed technology consumers. Those without access are alsodeprived of the value of good communications.

What do you understand by the term digital divide?

A term used to describe the discrepancy between people who have access to and the resources to use new information and communication tools, such as the internet , and people who do not have the resources and access to the technology. The term also describes the discrepancy between those who have the (MORE)

What is 1 divided by 13 to the 200th digit?

0.076923076923076923076923076923076 ... The digits 076923 repeat over and over. 0.076923076923076923076923076923076 ... The digits 076923 repeat over and over. 0.076923076923076923076923076923076 ... The digits 076923 repeat over and over. 0.076923076923076923076923076923076 ... The digits 076923 (MORE)

How do you divide three digit numbers by two digit numbers?

You see how many times the two digit number goes into the first two numbers then you will take them away and then you will get the third number and put it on the end of your answer then you will see how many times your two digit number goes into your new number and then you will get your answer. And (MORE)

What are the Pros and cons of digital divide?

Digital divide is defined as the gap between those people that have access to the Internet versus those who do based on; class, race, age, skill, geographical location and the willingness to learn. However, some experts say there is more of a multidimensional view and that it cannot be defined by si (MORE)

How do you divide a number by by a two digit number?

To divide a single digit number by a double digit number,you first have to understand its obviously isn't easy. The following should help: *Put a zero on the area of the quotient and add a decimal point next to it. * After doing this,divide as if both numbers were two digit numbers and proceed (MORE)

Cultural impacts on the digital divide?

not having access to the internet, in countries like china. some cultures have the tradional role of women staying home while the men go out the work, this menas that the lack of education has a huge impact on the digital divide.

The Digital Divide refers to what?

The Digital Divide, or the digital split, is a social issue referring to the differing amount of information between those who have access to the Internet (specially broadband access) and those who do not have access.

How do you divide double digit numbers?

I'll give you an example. If you have 60 divided by 20, you first figure how many units of 20 can fit into a unit of 60. 20 can fit into 60 by 3 times. You would put the "3" directly over the "0" in 60. If it turns out that you need a decimal, follow the above instructions, and divide just lik (MORE)

What are the concerns in bridging the digital divide?

concerns in bridging the digital divide is the need for becoming information literate in terms of reading, writing, and applying skills when using computers. This is especially true in lower socioeconomic areas of the United States and in third world.

What factors have helped to decrease the digital divide?

Cyber-cafes are available in most large cities. Most libraries in the United States provide Internet access. Wireless capabilities and laptop computers along with phenomenal cell phone interface capabilities make access to communication easier

How do dividing 2digit by 1 digit numbers?

to do it the long way do it by long division to do it the short way put it in the calculator 2 digits numbers are just the numbers between10-99 and one digits numbers are just the numbers between 0-9.

How do you divide 4 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers?

Well let's see, Let's say we take 6244 by 34 you then add on to the 34 with two zeros and then it would be 6244 by 3400 and ask yourself can 6244 go into 3 it would be no so then you move on to the second number and ask can 6244 go into 34 no again and then you finally get to 6244 go into 3400 and i (MORE)

How many digits does pi divided out to?

So far no one has found the end of pi. Many people round it to 3.14. Because pi does not have an end (that we know of) any answer using pi is only approximate.

How do you divide 2 digit by 4 digit?

Put a decimal point after the two digit number and add zeros after the decimal point. Then you can divide just as you always would, with the answer being less than one. For example, to divide 40 by 2000, put the decimal point after 40 and add zeros, like this: 40.00 Now divide as if it were 4000 div (MORE)

How do you divide a four digit number by a two digit number?

To divide a 4-digit number by a two digit number, follow the instructions below slowly , making sure you understand each step. NOTE: PLEASE TRY TO IGNORE THE .... PRECEDING ALL MY EXAMPLES BELOW, I COULD NOT FIND ANY WAY TO CORRECTLY FORMAT THE EXAMPLES WITH SPACES ! (I tried to use quoted (MORE)

What does the Digital Divide group offer?

The Digital Divide is an inequality between two groups in terms of technological equipment and knowledge. This is usually a divide between elderly and younger citizens.

How do you divide one digit by three digit?

You add as many zeroes as you need. The result will start with azero as well, then a decimal point, and so on. e.g. 9/455=0.0197802 (In 9= 0, in 90=0 again, in 900=1, in 4450=9, etc.)

How do you divide with 3 digit numbers and 1?

In number systems , we can divide 3 digit number or 2 digit numberby 1 . By the simple division method and the answer will always bethe number itself. It will give the value 3 digit number. For eg, 100/ 1 =100 and 1/100 is 0.01 which is a decimal number.