What is the disadvantage of the Big Bang theory?

What is the disadvantage of the Big Bang theory?
Scott A. Butler Astronomy Supervisor
The main disadvantage of the Big Bang theory probably lies in our inability to explain where the original "ball" of energy came from that did the expanding (the "Bang") to form the universe and the spacetime that it occupies. Note, if you please, that the universe did not expand into an "empty" universe or volume of space, but involved all the energy that "condensed" and the creation of spacetime in which to exist.
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How can the big bang theory be proven?

The Big Bang Theory can never be certainly proven, simply because there was no one around to witness it. However, there is some very strong evidencce supporting it. There are … (MORE)

Who revealed the big bang theory?

Although he did not use the phrase "Big Bang," the first person to develop the mathematics of this cosmology was Jesuit priest Georges LeMaitre. I'm not sure I'd say he "revea… (MORE)

Is there a loophole in big bang theory?

It is important to first realize that the big bang theory is a theory; it is not a physical law on its own for which there might be loopholes. However, I think (correct me if… (MORE)

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Why is the big bang theory possible?

This theory (and PLEASE don't mis-use the word "theory" in a way that people, who are trying to advance a social agenda instead of truth, mis-use the word) explains things tha… (MORE)

What does a big bang theory state?

The Big Bang is the dominant (and highly supported) cosmology of the beginning state of our Universe. In essence, it states that our Universe began from an initial state of ve… (MORE)

What is a big bang theory?

Big Bang Cosmology (BBC) states the space within our Universe has  been expanding at a (more or less) constant rate, for a period of  time on the order of ten billion years.… (MORE)

Who wrote the big bang theory?

Jesuit priest Georges LeMaitre, in 1927, was the first to propose the cosmology now known as The Big Bang.

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