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What is the distance between Spokane WA and the border of Canada?

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110 miles
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Distance from Spokane wa to Quincy wa?

140 miles taking this route: Take I-90 WEST to WA-281 NORTH to QUINCY and WENATCHEE at EXIT 151.Turn right off the exit ramp. Take WA-281 NORTH to Quincy.

Driving distance between Spokane to sammamish wa?

Head west on W Main Ave toward N Monroe St    121 ft      Take the 1st left onto N Monroe St    0.1 mi       Take the 2nd right onto W Sprag

Driving distance from lyons or to Spokane wa?

 The driving distance from Lyons, Oregon to Spokane, Washington is  about  422 miles  /  679 km 

What is the Driving distance between Spokane WA and Jasper MN?

It will take you about 18 hours to drive the 1,234 miles (1,986 km) between the two locations. Of course, that will depend on where you actually start and end your trip, the r

What is the distance between Edmonton Alberta and Spokane WA?

Take HIGHWAY 2 (Queen Elizabeth II Highway) SOUTH from Edmonton to TRANS-CANADA HIGHWAY 1 WEST to BANFF via HIGHWAY 201 (STONEY TRAIL NW) to bypass CALGARY.Take the TRANS-CANA

What is distance from Trail BC Canada to Spokane WA?

This is an approximate driving distance. The actual driving distance may differ according to the path chosen. The distance mentioned between the above mentioned places is 126