What is the duration of Le casse?

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The duration of Le casse is 2 hours.
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What actors and actresses appeared in Le bal des casse-pieds - 1992?

The cast of Le bal des casse-pieds - 1992 includes: Isabelle Alexis Guy Bedos as Germain Michel Caccia as Jean-Maurice Jean Carmet as M. Vandubas Sandrine Caron Luc Distelmans

What actors and actresses appeared in Le casse - 1971?

The cast of Le casse - 1971 includes: Dyan Cannon as Lena Robert Duranton as Johnny Steve Eckardt as Malloch Myriam Feune de Colombi as Isabelle Tasco Robert Hossein as Ralph
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What are the release dates for Le casse - 1971?

Le casse - 1971 was released on: France: 27 October 1971 Japan: 4 December 1971 West Germany: 16 December 1971 Denmark: 27 March 1972 Finland: 31 March 1972 Spain