What is the duration of Length of War?

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The duration of Length of War is 2.37 hours.
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The length of the Trojan war?

What was called the Trojan War was in all probability a coordinated series of piratical raids by people from the Greek mainland, targeted on all along the coast of Asia Minor,

Length of war?

Guerrilla war restricted to RVN (Republic of South Vietnam) 1955-1964. Open warfare between the US & North Vietnam 1964-1975.

Length of war of 1812?

The length of the war of 1812 was two years and eight months. Itstarted on June 18, 1812 and ended on February 18, 1815.

Length of Trojan war?

According to the only known source, the Iliad by Homer, the Trojan War lasted for ten years.

Length of the gulf war?

1. Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988. 2. Operation Desert Storm January to February 1991 (less than 60 days). 3. Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003-

What is the difference between length and duration?

Length is used to define distance or size whereas duration measures time period. Actually length IS also used to define time period, as in: how long have you been waiting?

What was the length of the 100 Years War?

The hundred years war was 116 years. It did not last the entire time as there were times of relativepeace between Britain and France although the conflict over controlof the F