What is the effect of Gatorade on teeth?

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Nothing, Gatoraid is simply electilites (salts) that you need to sweat. Soduim and Calcium should have no deleterious effect. As for the coloring, I supose if you drank enough you could turn your teeth what ever color it is. Answer Over a period of time the sugar in Gatorade can cause harm to teeth, but sugar in anything could do that. My dentist told me when I had a tiny bit of tooth decay and to stay away from breads because of the sugar. Of course I told him where he could go and left. Answer Gatorade does cause damage to the teeth. In recent dental studies, it was found to be more damaging to teeth then soda pop. The reason is it has a very low pH (about that of your stomach acid), and the acid breaks down the protective bone-like layer on your teeth, enamel. In addition it contains sugar, which worsens the damaging process. Answer Gatorade is primarily made of dicrybondinate, a substance commonly found in the northern reaches of Venezuela. Dicrybondinate can react harmfully with simple compound substances such as sugar, water, or even protein. However, if you filter the dicrybondinate through the Gregor Barov process of nextular conditioning, you can reduce the chances of contracting Ymdrassil condition, which might affect one in his or her early 60s if untreated. The condition is much like AIDs in that it takes on an early, unnoticable form called Ymdrassil Vestra. Gatorade can cause Ymdrassil Vestra if consumed on a skeletal formulaic ratio of 6:1:7:8 (Assuming you take this ratio daily.) Another way to diminish the effects of dicrybondinate in Gatorade is to heat the phernongular crystals in the ionic modular postitron sphere field of the dicrybondinate. You must heat it to a level of 98 Kelvin, however, which will be almost impossible to achieve when not on Red Heta VIII, an uninhabited, unterraformed, and currently unnamed planet in the Zel Hibendra galaxy. This however is where my brain is, thus proving i have it not with me.
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What are some science experiments involving Gatorade and teeth?

If you are going to drink Gatorade (or pop) Drink through a straw.\n. \nIf you drink from the bottle the pop goes directly over your 4 front teeth and those are the first to

What effects does Gatorade have on the body?

\nGatorade replenishes the salts lost by the body through heavy perspiration. For this reason, one shouldn't drink large amount of Gatorade as a thirst quencher only.\n. \n.

What is Gatorade?

A sports drink that rehydrates your body, mostly for athletes.

Does Gatorade rot your teeth?

Do not under any circumstances give your child Gatorade on a daily basis!!!!! Gatorade has been shown to be more corrosive to teeth than juice or soda. She doesn't eat alot of

How long does it take Gatorade to take effect?

A Gatorade drink takes almost about the same, maybe even faster to digest and get into your system than water. After drinking Gatorade on a fairly empty stomach, it should

What effects your teeth?

Hard candy can cause you to chip your teeth, smoking can cause tar build up and yellowness, opening cans bottles or anything that has to do with force can ruin your teeth, suc

Is Gatorade effective?

sometimes. It can provide energy and some hydration. overall, hydration isn't max because it has salt in it. But overall it is effective and tasty. so go ahead and use it!

What effects does Gatorade give on the body?

Well, it can give nutritional benefits such as fortified Vitamin A and C. Athletes lose electrolytes while exercising and this drink helps replenish electrolyte supply within