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Coffee makes your teeth yellow. If you try to whiten your teeth and you drink coffee, it can provide whitening as effective as any other stain. The stains on teeth are similar in chemical makeup (from smoke, tobacco, food, enamel mutation, etc.) and thus is not major determining factor. Some blogs promote great results, like Amanda, www.amandasnewsmile.com and others would rather go to the dentist. My main thing is that the yellowing will only stain and effect color and not the integrity of the teeth over the years. Tooth decay comes from many sources not the coloring.
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Side effect of coffee?

some people suffer from insomnia and headaches due to side effects from coffee, others have none

Can you have coffee after pulling wisdom teeth?

You should not drink coffee right after teeth are removed. The only thing you should do is swirl salt water in your mouth. I would not drink any hot liquids until all the blee

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Does coffee rot your teeth?

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Why does coffee stain teeth?

There are several reasons involved- There are several factors as to why coffee stains teeth. First of all, the dark brown color of coffee does cause teeth to stain. It is the

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black tea contains a high percentage ofpolyphenolic[sp]constituents which reduce the growth of both halitosis (bad breath)and caries (cavities) causing bacteria. This also app

Coffee after pulling wisdom teeth?

    i just got mine pulled, and they said iced coffee was okay.....i got an iced latte....reg. coffee is very acidic and they say too much acid is no good at first.

Which stains the teeth more tea or coffee?

Tea stains teeth more than coffee. Just look at a white mug you use for coffee and one you use for tea. The tea mug will be more stained than the coffee mug.
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