What is the effects of salt water on seed germination?

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Salt solution makes seeds rubbish and crap and not grow so they die and fail. We had planned this with our teacher and it turn out to be bullsh*t. In conclusion i suggest you use a more trusted site or go and suck lollypops, by brother waj
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How does gravity effect seed germination?

Plants grow and germinate faster because plants and seeds have a natural substance called abscissic acid that is full of magnetic minerals, so when the magnet is put near a se

How does salt effect seed germination?

The salinity of the salt makes it difficult for any seed togerminate and also affects imbibition. It is also true that saltmay affect elongation of plant roots.

What is the effect of sugar water on seed germination?

It accelerates the germination of the seeds with a 10-50 percent sugar water to tap water concentration. Take 20 g of sugar and mix it into 200 ml of tap water, and add 50% OF