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What is the energy transformation in the solar power plant?

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solar (photovoltaic) power plant > radiant energy from the sun > converted to electrical energy
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What is the energy transformation from a power plant to a home?

A power plant produces electricity (electromagnetic energy) which is delivered to a user's home. There is no transformation as electric power is created at the plant, delivere

What are the energy transformations in a hydro power plant?

The potential energy in the head of water is converted into kinetic energy in the turbine which converts the kinetic energy into electrical energy. Potential Energy of water

Is solar energy created in power plants?

No, solar energy is produced by the sun. We can capture it with solar panels, or solar farms, which are banks of panels or other gadgets to capture the sun's heat and energy.

What is the energy transformation of solar power plant?

Energy in a system may be transformed so that it resides in a different state. As a source of energy, nothing matches the sun. After passing through the Earth's atmosphere, mo