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Animals and wool
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Where does New Zealand export cheese to?

  Latest statistics are not yet available, however Statistics New Zealand reports that in the Year Ending June 2003, Total NZ cheese exports were 295,211 gross tonnes. 

What does New Zealand export?

  stuff like wool cattle peolpe Timber in various forms, including manufactured boards; wool and its products; iron sand; beef, venison and sheep meats; dairy products inc

What does Australia export to New Zealand?

When I'm in the supermarket i see lots of food from Australia, Fruit, Veges, VB beer (which for some reason is cheaper here than in Australia) Vegemite and wine. I think that

What does New Zealand import and export?

New Zealand exports include: dairy products (from cattle and goats) meat (sheep, beef, deer)hides and leather fishwood/wood products, including paper and paper-associated pr