What is the family of a lion?

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Lions belong to the Felidae (cat) family.
The name of a lion family is known as a pride
A lion family is a pride of lions.
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Do lions live in family groups?

Yes, and a family of lions is called a pride. A group of lions typically is led by one or two males. Then, there are several females (lionesses) who are generally related to e
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Who is important in a lion family?

The lionesses are probably the most "important" to the group as they do the majority of the hunting and rearing of the young. But the alpha male is the dominate figure, the fa
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Why does the lion family live in Africa?

Lion family live in Africa because in the past thousand year when lion existed lions adapted to this habitat. It's their natural habitat because they can camouflage in with th
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What family are sea lions part of?

Sea lions are part of the Otariidae family, and the Otariinae sub-family. They are also classified as part of the Pinnipedia superfamily, and are often described as pinnipeds.