What is the fastest 100 meter time posted by an NFL player?

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Bob Hayes 10.05

Actually Jim Hines played 10 games for the Dolphins and 1 for the Chiefs. Hines ran 9.95 for the gold medal and world record in the 1968 Olympics. His football catching skills earned him the nickname "Oops"
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Who is the fastest player in NFL history?

I'd Say Bob Hayes . You could certainly make an argument for Bob Hayes. Hayes set the world record in the 100 m at the 1964 Olympics, then joined the Dallas Cowboys as a wide receiver. He was pretty much uncoverable man-to-man. It is widely held that his speed forced opponents to create the first (MORE)

What is the fastest 100 meter sprint?

a person who will reach 100metre in 9.5 sec the person who ran it was usain bolt of jaimica and i believe his time is 9.5 seconds, give or take Evan James Trotter holds the record for the fastest 100m ever ran at 11.58 seconds. And also Jarred Douglas Ott running it at 12.11 seconds. usain bolt set (MORE)

What are the fastest women's times for 100 meters?

Below are some of the national records for the 100 meter dash:. 1) United States - Florence Griffith-Joyner, 10.49 seconds (World Record) 2) France - Christine Arron, 10.73 3) Jamaica - Merlene Ottey, 10.74 4) Russia - Irina Privalova, 10.77 5) Bulgaria - Ivet Lalova, 10.77 6) China - Li (MORE)

What is the fastest men's times for 100 meters?

The top performances are now (7th August 2012): 1 Usain Bolt (JAM) 9.58 2009, Berlin 2 Usain Bolt (JAM) 9.63, 2012 London 3 Usain Bolt (JAM) 9.69, 2008 Beijing 3 Tyson Gay (USA) 9.69 2009 Shanghai 5 Tyson Gay (USA) 9.71 2009 Berlin 6 Usain Bolt (JAM) 9.72 2008 New York 6 Asafa Powell (J (MORE)

Who is the fastest NFL player of all time?

I think it can very well be Deion Sanders, he ran his 40 with hard bottoms and jeans on and a Florida State sweatshirt. Deion Sanders is extremely fast. However, Jerome Bettis was very fast as well. He ran for 1 mile in only 4 minutes and 54 seconds in high school.

Who is the fastest NFL player ever?

Darrell Green. With all padding on in a game against the rams, he ran 40 yards in around 3.9 seconds. or ted ginn jr even though he ran a 4.20 he had a broken ankle

Who is the fastest player ever in the NFL?

This fastest player is NOT Darrell Green.. DG ran the 40 in 4.43 seconds. Bo Jackson has the fastest 40 time ever recorded at a 4.13, making him the fastest player ever in the NFL.

What was Wilma Rudolph fastest 100 meter dash time?

Wilma Rudolph's best time in the 100 was an 11.0 timed in the 100 meter finals at the 1960 Rome Olympics. However, since there was a tail wind of 2.75 meters per second, higher than the limit of 2.0 meters per second, the time was not recognized as a new world record. Her best 'official' 100 meter d (MORE)

Who is the fastest female 100 meter runner?

Florence Griffith-Joyner holds the women's world record in the 100 meter dash at 10.49 set in 1988. Florence Griffith-Joyner is the fastest female 100 m runner in theworld. She set the record of 10.49 seconds on July 16, 1988.

Who is the fastest football player in the NFL?

I would have to say Chris Johnson of the Tenessee Titans, because he once ran a long touchdown run at the speed of 27.3 miles per hour. That is faster than Usain Bolt (world's fastest man), and Johnson was running with 20 pounds of padding on him.

What was the fastest 40 yard time ever posted by an NFL player?

Darrell Green ran an unofficial 4.09 40 yard dash in training camp in 1986 for the Washington Redskins. He is considered by many as one of the best corners of all time. Many see him as the fastest man in NFL history, having won several NFL's Fastest Man competitions. Bo Jackson is second ran a 4. (MORE)

What is the Fastest time in 40 yd in NFL?

\n. \nThere is no official world record for 40 yards, BUT here's some of the material and times that has been reported:\n. \nMany reported times are unreliable due to differences in timing methods if not intentional falsifications. The NFL did not begin using partial electronic timing (started by (MORE)

Who had the fastest 100 meter time female in 2007?

In 2007, Veronica Campbell-Brown from Kingston, Jamaica ran the 100meter in 10.89. She is tied with Evelyn Ashford as the eighthfastest woman in the world for running the 100 meter in 10.76 May31, 2011.

What is the fastest 100 meter dash in Georgia?

The fastest time in Georgia in the 100 meter is Pedro Holiday and Stan Rowe. they ran 10.39 seconds in the Georgia Region 6-AAA championships on 4-24-2001 and 4-2003. followed by Ahmad Carroll's 10.41 in the Georgia Olympics XIX on 5-6-2000.

What is the fastest 100 meters for high school?

According to Track and Field News, the high school record for 100 meters dash is Armon Owens from Cy-falls high school is the fastest kid to date undefeated in the 100 metes dash to date. His current time is 10.43 he is a Cy-falls High School Senior, in Houston, Texas.

What is the fastest times for fourteen year old boys in the 100 meter dash?

the fastest time so far is an 11.2 Eddie Redmond clocked 11.01 in Canberra in 1998 at the secondary schools finals at the AIS track using their equipment. i know a guy who is about to turn 15, he can do it in 10.78 seconds...i know this for a fact because i was there when it happend...he isn't (MORE)

Who is the fastest runner in the UK for 100 meters?

The all-time record by a UK sprinter is 9.87s by Linford Christie on 15 August 1993 in Stuttgart, Germany. The wind reading was 0.3 m/s at an elevation of 250 meters. The best 2008 time is 10.06s by Tyrone Edgar on 31 May in Geneva, Switzerland. The wind reading was 0.7 m/s at an elevation of 375 (MORE)

How fast is the fastest NFL football player?

The fastest NFL football player, measured in terms of the fastest40-yard dash time at the combine, is Chris Johnson. He was clockedwith a forty time of 4.24 seconds. The second fastest time was setby Dri Archer at the 2014 combine with 4.26 seconds. As Johnson'scareer is winding down, it is likely t (MORE)

Who is the fastest male runner for 100 meters?

Usain Bolt Usain Bolt 9.69 secs 2008 Olympics Usain Bolt of Team Jamaica, he ran it in 9.58 The fastest man in the 100m sprint is Jamaica's Usain Bolt, with a 9.58s finish at Berlin, Germany, August 16, 2009. The fastest man for a hundred metres is Usain Bolt.Hope you liked the answer!Fishrus Usa (MORE)

Is Adrian Peterson the fastest NFL player?

No. The fastest manual timed 40 is Deangleo Hall: 4.15 The fastest auto timed 40 is Fabian Washington: 4.25 Washington's 4.25 was the fastest combine time ever. (Manual Timing is .15 - .25 seconds faster than auto timing)

Who are the 15 fastest men in the 100 meters?

1.Usain Bolt. 2.Asafa Powell. 3.Tyson Gay. 4.Maurice Green. 5.Donovan Baily. 6.Leroy Burrel. 7.Carl Lewis. 9.Calvin Smith. 9.Jim Hines. 10.Don Quarrie. 11.Roger Bambuck. 12.Ray Norton. 13.Jesse Owens. 14.Percie Williams. 15.Don Lippincott

Who is the fastest NFL player?

It has to be Chris Johnson, he ran the fastest recorded 40 yard dash in the history of the NFL combine i think it was 4.24 but i know for sure dominique rodgers-cromartie ran 4.29 Tyreek Hill is the fastest NFL

What is the fastest 100 meter speed skate?

In speed skating the milliseconds are very important, especially in the 100m. 9.58 is the 100m world record. In speed skating there are many different age categories. There is "Open" which is people of any age, usually the fastest people. The Olympics and World Cups are open, it does not matter how (MORE)

Is Chris Johnson the fastest player in the NFL?

Currently, he is. He is not however the fasterst ever. That titlebelongs to Bo Jackson, who ran a 4.12 second (hand timed) 40. Based on his 4.24 second 40 yard dash time (run in 2008), Chris Johnson is the fastest player in the NFL.

Who is the fastest NFL player in the AFC?

Chris Johnson, running back for the Tennessee Titans is the fastest guy in the American Conference. He was a track star at Orlando's Olympia High School, and was an All-Conference USA player at East Carolina (2004-2007).