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SSC Ultimate Aero TT
Fastest American made car is the SSC Ultimate Aero TT with a varified top speed of 256.18 mph.

The Hennesy performance venom 1000 dodge viper reached speeds of just over 260 mph.


2011 Bugatti Veyron 16.4 Super Sport - 268 mph is now the fastest car in North America
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What is the fastest car?

It depends a bit on what you think of as a car. The fastest "production" car in the world is the Bugatti Veyron andcosts $1,700,000. It has 1001 hp, it's top speed is 414 km/

What is the fastest street legal american car?

It would be the Shelby SSC Ultimate Aero, its twin turbocharged and it will do 255.83mph. You can buy it for $654,500.00 (if your buying I'll take one)

What was the fastest American production car for 1951?

The first year of the chrysler hemi 331ci V8 had the most HP  (180HP)-20 more than next highest-cadillac) The Chrysler Saratoga  was had a 110mph top speed.   The Cadill