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What is the fastest car in gta 4?

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The RS' top speed is the seventh-fastest at the lower end of the game's high-performance vehicles at 160 km/h (100 mph), however its acceleration is the fastest of any car in the game, and its handling is excellent. The Sultan RS is clearly a sports car tuned for asphalt racing, with hard suspension and low profile tires, making it difficult to drive off road, or on wet or uneven roads. It lacks ABS as is customary with many ultra-lightweight track cars. The brakes are powerful, bringing the vehicle from its top speed to a standstill complete stop in very short distances (unlike other sports cars).
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What is the fastest car on grand theft auto 4?

Infernus, my friend. Get one when Bernie gives you his. But if it's acceleration, and not overall speed that you want, the Comet's the only way to go. You Dont need to search

What is the fastest bike in GTA San Andreas?

The fastest is definately the NRG 500, then the FCR 900, then PCJ 600, then BF 400, then HPV 1000, then FREEWAY, then SANCHEZ, then FAGGIO, then WAYFARER, and finally PIZZABOY

Can you buy a car in gta 4?

no, only if you download a mod on the pc. in gta4 there are 3 car shops but with that in mind you can steal cars from those shops. you don't really need to buy one just steal

Where is a garage where you can save cars in GTA 4?

There is no garage in GTA IV where Niko can save cars - he keeps them on the parking spaces outside of his safehouses. The garage you may be thinking of belongs to Brucie's fr

How do you save game in gta 4?

You go to your house (there is a picture of your house on the minimap) and when you see your bed, go towards it and press the save button. Easy

What is the fastest FWD 4 cylinder naturally-aspirated car?

Among production cars: European model of Honda Integra Type R 1997-2001 with advertised top speed 234 km/h and last model of European specs Honda Civic Type-R with advertised

How do you keep cars in gta 4?

You can save cars in a yellow rectangle outside your safehouse, 2 cars maximum.

Where is the fastest bike in GTA san Andreas?

This would have to be the NRG500 Look for this bike in the following locations: IT IS IN EAST BEACH IT LOOKS ROUND IT HAS A PARKING SPACE IT IS IN SECOND FLOOR IF YOU DONT

Where are the hidden cars in GTA 4?

There is a Sultan RS that respawns on GTA IV. This vehicle can be found well hidden behind the old garages/sheds in the grounds of the ruined mansion in Westdyke, Alderney. Th

What is the GTA 4 tank cheat?

First, get the ballad of gay tony game add on. You can download this from the live marketplace or go out to a video game store and buy the GTA 4 Episodes from Liberty City gam