What is the fastest speed ever recorded in a drag race?

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National (USA) 1/4 mile Drag Racing records are:
Top Fuel Dragster 4.42 seconds at 336 mph and Funny Car 4.65 at 333 mph.

Jet powered cars and trucks are fast but are not "official" classes competed at regular events...
Jet dragster records: jet semi-truck at 7.42 and 218 mph and jet cars often run under 5 seconds and over 330 mph. The cars often race side by side, but the trucks do not...

Rocket cars powered by fuels such as Hydrogen Peroxide or superheated water and steam, etc., are generally the fastest of all 1/4 mile racers by far, but are uncommon now and do not really "race" as they are exhibition vehicles or experimental...

Rocket statistics:
Sammy Miller ran the 1/4 mile in 3.58 seconds at 386 mph in 2002.
Deaf stunt woman Kitty O'Neill (the movie about her is "Silent Victory") covered a standing start 1/4 mile in 1977 in incredible 3.235 seconds at 412 mph. I believe this was on a desert race course, not a paved race track, and as such there was a lot more shut down area... and alot more camels.

There is a "Swissrocketman" car running in the low 3's at over 450 mph. This organization is involved in rocket powered bicycles, go karts, and wearable rocket belts...Of course, still in the course of production.
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