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What is the female equivalent to black tie?

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A cocktail dress or evening gown. Answer2: If you're thinking of like a party theme or something, I'd say Prom would be a good title. A lot of times people will have a Black Tie party wich is where everyone gets dressed up and all fancy and everything. If it's a girls party I think maybe a title like 'Prom Event' or 'The Perfect Day" or something along those lines. Hope I was helpful!!'
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What is a black tie event?

White bow ties are worn with morning coats of varying colors. Evening wear requires a black coat and black tie. A man's evening wear is meant to keep him from clashing with hi

How do you tie-dye a black shirt?

Take the black shirt, and using bleach- bleach the parts you would like to tye-dye-let the bleach sit for 24 hours. the using regular colored dye-dye t the bleached parts of

Can a neutered dog tie with a female?

Yes, they can tie and if that happens they should be supervised but not pulled apart as injuries can occur. There is no chance of pregnancy if the dog has been neutered over a

What is a Black-tie event?

An event that requires formal attire. A tuxedo or black suit and tie for men and formal or cocktail dress for women

Why do female gymnasts tie their hair?

It's a must to have their hair off their shoulders. It's against the rules and it keeps it out of the way while you workout.

What is a black tie affair?

A formal affair. Tux or black dinner jacket and tie for gentleman. Long gowns, or at least 3/4 length dressy gowns for the ladies.