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The term for a female that is any type of pig (guinea pig, farm pig etc.) is called a sow. The term for a male that is any type of pig is called a boar.
A female pig is called a sow.
A female pig is called a sow.
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What is the smarter gender male or female?

In general both sexes are capable of the same mental processing and neither is de facto 'smarter'. Generally males have more spacial sense while women are more perceptive, however this is primarily a result of nurture as opposed to being male or female. The corpus callosum which regulates transmi (MORE)

What is the female gender of horse?

well...I believe what you mean is what do you call a female horse well matured females are called mare's (usually older than 4 yr old.) and younger than 4, than females are called filly's

What is the opposite gender of a pig?

There is no such thing. Pig is a word that describes an omnivorous mammal with a stout body, cloven hooves on each foot and a broad cylindrical snout, it does not describe the sex or gender of an animal. However, the male gender of a pig is a boar (intact male) or a barrow (castrated male), a (MORE)

What is the female gender of the word priest?

Traditionally, priestess was the name for a female following the same or similar duties of a priest; however, today, there is no distinction made. Whether a male or female cleric, the terms priest, reverend, pastor, etc., are used regardless of gender.

What gender of Guinea Pig is better?

Either male or female is good. Males are meant to be more tame and grow a bit bigger and two litter-brothers will always be friends, although females do fight a bit more than males because in one season a female is bad tempered and the other female has to keep out of the way ( so she will be lonely) (MORE)

What is the gender of the pig?

A pig is either male or female. A male intact pig is called a boar, a male castrated pig is called a barrow, a mature female is called a sow and an immature female is called a gilt.

What is the female gender of the word buffalo?

Assignment of gender depends on the rules of the particular language utilized. The word Buffalo has been borrowed by several languages and is treated different in the context that it is found. In English there is no gender derivative of the word and one must resort to the terms 'bull' and 'cow' afte (MORE)

Which is more powerful male or female gender?

It is not a question of gender, but of the individual. Each have their basic strengths and weaknesses. As such, both must maximize their strengths, while minimizing their weaknesses in an effort to exist as one within the human race. It's about common purpose, common cause; A commonality that benefi (MORE)

What is the female gender symbol?

A circle with a plus sign at the "bottom". It is the symbol of Venus and you can think of it as a hand mirror to help distinguish it from the male symbol. The male symbol is a circle with an arrow pointing to the upper right at about a 45-60 degree angle. If the arrow points to the upper left (MORE)

What is the female gender of a bull?

The term "bull" refers to a male bovid, elephant, seal, rhino,cervid (moose, elk, caribou) and whale. It is not the name of ananimal, like a bear or a whale. Therefore, there is no such thingas a "female gender" of a bull.

Which gender of guinea pigs are mean or meaner?

Both males and female guinea pigs are great. It all really depends on the individuals personality, so if you want a friendly guinea pig, you should search for that and get a guinea pig that is friendly.. But if you are getting 2 guinea pigs, you shouldn't really try to get 2 males as they (males) t (MORE)

What is the female gender of fox?

Vixen is a female fox. Living things have a sex, not a gender. Some words have a gender, like vixen, but it's more common in other languages eg. French- every noun has a gender.

What gender is stronger male or female?

Well, females are stronger than males. Females tend to stay in shape more and are able to withstand more physical activity. But, they are sometimes discriminated against for jut being smaller. But, they are by far stronger than males-and provenn to have a higher intelligance level. L O L.

What is the female gender for bullock?

A bullock is a male, either a young bull or, according to thedictionary, a castrated male also known as a steer. There is nofemale gender for a bullock.

How do you get female guinea pigs to get skinnier?

If you guinea pig is over weight and your trying to help it lose weight then look at these tips! 1.Don't give them any treats if you do. 2.Try to minimize their hay and the sugary fruits. 3.If you have a C&C cage make a ramp for a second floor and place the food on the upper floor so your pig can ex (MORE)

How do you determine if a pig is a female or a male?

The key difference between a male and female pig where their tracts open. In a female pig, both the urogenital tract and digestive tract exit near the anus. Also, females have an external structure called a urogenital papilla which is right under the tail, where the tract comes out. If it doesn't (MORE)

What is the female gender of Adones?

Adones and Adonis are boy names. There are really no female forms of the name, although Adonis of Greek mythology was married to Aphrodite. So you could use Aphrodite as a girl name. Aden or Aidan are unisex names and similar, so they will work for girls. Adena is a girl name.

What is the female gender of fowl?

It generally depends on which type of bird you are talking about. For example, a female chicken is a hen, while a female peacock is a peahen.

What gender of guinea pig is easier to care for?

Both genders are very equal in care and you should probably get two Guinea Pigs. But you should realize they CAN get pregnant if you have a Male. But it is better to have both types because they are very social in the wild. Boys tend to get very stinky!

Is sow a female gender of rhinoceros?

a sow is a female rhinoceros if that is what your asking. female gender does not make sence though it is a confusing question and i think u could have answered it better and why dont ujust google it?

How do you find the gender of a guinea pig?

you tip the guinea pig back on your so its underbelly is facing you, you gently with your thumb and finger slightly open the pee hole and observe, if it has a little nub it's a boy if it has nothing its a girl. sexing guinea pigs under 2 months old can be hard and sometimes at his age that young age (MORE)

What is the female gender of wolf?

The gender specific noun for a female wolf is bitch . The gender specific noun for a male wolf is dog. The noun 'wolf' is a common gender noun, a word for a male or afemale.

What do you call a female gender of a tabby?

I am wonderingt the same thing as you but when i researched google i found something that said... if your are able to pick them up and lie them on their back if there are two "holes" if you will its a boy. otherwise one "hole" is a girl

How old does a guinea pig have to be to tell the gender?

At 21 days old they need to be sexed, as that is when they are (possibly, but better safe than sorry, especially with young pigs) sexually mature. It is quite difficult to tell them apart when they are this young, but just try your best. Going online and printing out pictures to take along when you (MORE)

What is the symbol for a female gender?

That is the symbol of Venus, which is a circle over a cross. The way to remember it is to think of it as a mirror. For the guys, there is the symbol of Mars, and it is a circle with an arrow pointing to the upper right. Think of it as a shield and a sword.

Why do females give birth why not all genders?

For the same reason that females don't produce sperm cells. That is how nature made it. Females produce egg cells and have the equipment for producing babies. But this equipment doesn't produce babies on its own. Males produce sperm cells which start the process and provide genetic code to produce h (MORE)

What is the gender of the word Pig?

The noun 'pig' is a common gender noun , a word for a male ora female. The noun for a male pig is boar. The noun for a female pig is sow.