What is the female literacy level in China?

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I am a Chinese college student.
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Literacy rate of china?

92.2% of Chinese 15 years old and up can read and write. 96% of males are literate and 88.5% of females are literate.

What are the education and literacy levels of China?

Currently, 91 percent of the country has instituted compulsory primary education, with nearly 99 percent of school-age children are enrolled in schools. According to the lates

What is the literacy rate for china in 2009?

The average life expectancy is about 90.9 we are doing a research progect about chia and this jus happened to be one it: ) Go OPJh Wildcat. The average life expectancy is abo
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What level is the literacy rate in Europe?

Here are the number of countries representing each literacy rate (rounded to integers): . 100%: 7 . 99%: 21 . 98%: 3 . 97%: 3 . 96%: 1 . 95%: 1 . 92%: 1 . 89%: 1 . U