What is the fertilization process for chicken eggs?

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The male mounts the hen from behind and stands on her back. The rooster's cloaca transfers semen into the cloaca of the hen. The cloaca is a common receptacle for the intestinal tract, the reproductive system and the urinary system. A spermatozoa sac makes its way up the oviduct and is stored in accessory sex organ in the female. There, the sperm is nourished and released over several days. So the rooster does not have to mate with the hen each time she lays an egg to produce a fertile egg. Fertility only remains high for about 10 days before another mating is needed to increase fertility of the eggs laid. Egg yolks that have a germ cell on the surface are ovulated about every 24 to 26 hours. The spermatozoa fertilize the germ cell, then the albumen, or white of the egg is secreted around the yolk by the reproductive tract. Then the shell membranes and the shell are secreted and deposited as the egg travels down the reproductive tract. The egg is laid back through the cloaca, as mentioned above. This is the way fertile eggs are laid by the hen. The hen would still lay eggs if a rooster were not around, but the eggs would not be fertile.
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What is a fertile chicken egg called?

As breeders we call them "Viable eggs". They are fertile but they may not end up as chicks. "Fertile chicken eggs" is just as good when discussing them with others.

How do you know when a chicken egg has be fertilized?

As a consumer you may think that it is difficult for you to know ifthe eggs you buy are fertilized. There are no exterior or outwardsigns on the egg, and finding the germinal

Why is a chicken egg a fertilized egg?

Not all chicken eggs are fertilized. Any egg that a chicken lays will be unfertilized unless there is a rooster around to fertilize the egg while it is inside the chicken. Chi

How does the fertilized egg in the chicken divide?

The fertilized egg is in the eggshell. It is an extremely large egg. It fills the egg shell. It is larger than the chick will be when it hatches! It divides like any other cel

What do you do with a fertilized chicken egg?

You can do the same things with a fertilized egg as you do with a store bought egg. The one advantage of having fertilized eggs is that you can incubate the fertile one's and

Are chicken eggs always fertile?

Chicken eggs are only fertile if they have been fertilized. Thekind that people generally buy in supermarkets or grocery stores,in order to eat them, are infertile and contain

Does a chicken lay an egg that is not fertilized?

Chickens will lay one egg every 26 hours, roughly once per day. Most chickens never even see a rooster. All of the eggs you find in stores have not been fertilized and will ne

What is a fertilized chicken egg?

A fertilized chicken egg is an egg that has the ability to be hatched. Normal store eggs can't be but eggs from a farmer usually can be. The fertilized part just means the hen

Can chickens fertilize ducks eggs?

No, interspecies breeding is generally not possible naturally. Aduck and a chicken are too far genetically separated to interbreed.There have been reported cases of chickens a