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What is the formula for heat?

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Heat=Mass x Specific Heat x Change in Temperature or H=M x Sp. Ht. x ^T
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Formula of heat?

The formula for heat is changing based on a few different factors.  For example some materials create heat because they are mixed while  others must be burned to produce hea

What is the formula for heat generated by friction?

There are two approaces. One is empirical the other is indepth theoretical microscopic consideration. Empirical - Fa = Applied force , mu = coeff. of friction as per the case

What is the formula for heat flow per unit time through a single layer wall?

Heat flow per area per time = (delta T) / R. delta T = difference in temperature between the two sides of the wall. area = area of the wall or part of the wall under conside
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What is the units for heat energy formula?

The standard unit for heat energy is the same as for any other type of energy, namely the Joule. For historical reasons, some other units are sometimes used, e.g., calorie, or