What is the formula for a rolling offset?

Offset=Square Root of Roll squared+ Rise squared For Example: To find the travel and run for a 45 degree rolling offset with aroll of 11.5 inches and a rise of 15.5 inches (MORE)

Formula for rolling offset-metric?

Check out the "Rolling Offset" page at (see below). I'm not sure but do a trial run on a couple of cereal boxes and see if this gives you the information you need. The is a "N (MORE)

What is roll about?

Roll in the clover/hay. To roll joints, smoke and roll on one's back /sides/ front while laying on a couch/bed. Anything rolling from one place to another. To move/roll from o (MORE)

How do you calculate rpm of each stand motor in a continuous re-bar rolling mill please tell me formula for this?

As we all know no one knows the formulas of continuous rolling mill....but I provide you all the formulas related to Mill speed,Elongation,Reduction per pass,each stand RPM ca (MORE)

What is the formula for a rolling offset with 2 45's?

There are many types of rolling offsets. 2 common are rolling offset using 45 degree fittings and a rolling offset using any angle. using 45's Rise: elevation change r (MORE)
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What you is a formula?

A formula can be the method used in math equations; the ingredientsused to make up a baby's bottle at feeding time; or theinstructions used to process data in a spreadsheet.