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What is the frame rate for celluloid 35mm film?

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usually 24 frames per second
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Where can you buy celluloid?

Jiujiang Celluloid Industrial Co.,Ltd. specializes in making Celluloid sheets&Cellulose acetate sheets as the unique manufacture factory in China. Above a thousand tons of pro

What film do you use when you films movies?

The common film type is a 35mm for commercial films, but film of 70 mm and greater have been used at times. Occasionally an imax film and camera is used. This film is huge and

What is a single frame of film?

A film is made up of multiple pictures or FRAMES. Hence a frame would be one of still shot of the film. Depending on the type of film, a single second of traditional film can

Disadvantages of a 35mm camera?

35mm is quickly going the way of the dinosaur. Everything 35mm can do, digital can probably do better (or, just as well) and more importantly ... more conveniently. * 35mm f

What are 35mm slides?

35 mm is a size of old chemical film for cameras (i.e. before  digital). There are two types of film, negative, which is then used  to make paper prints, and positive or sli

Is a 50mm lens considered normal if using a 35mm camera?

Yes, when using a 35mm format film, the 50mm prime lens is considered a "normal" or "natural view" lens.   This does not hold true when using a Digital SLR camera (DSLR)