What is the freezing temperature of soda pop?

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Diet sodas freeze at the same temperature as water--32 degrees. Classic sodas freeze at about 30 degrees.
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Why does soda freeze?

Answer . Solids are slow, liquids they flow... liquids they freeze when their molecules go slow. All molecules, including water molecules (even those in a glassful of still water) are constantly moving. Heat makes them move faster, cooling slows them down. When water gets cool enough, mo (MORE)

Why is soda pop fizzy?

Actually, carbon dioxide is shot into the soda and that what makes it so fizzy. can you explain why that happens?-flub flub

Why does soda pop fizz when opened?

Soda has carbon dioxide gas dissolved in it. In the closed bottle,the soda is under pressure, and so the gas cannot escape. When youopen the bottle, you release the pressure and the gas begins toescape -- you can see the bubbles rising. That is what makes thepop-fizz sound. If you leave the bottle o (MORE)

What is the freezing temperature of soda?

It will be very similar to water (although just a bit less), so just under 32 °F or 0 °C. Listen, if you don't know the answer to a question, don't guess. Soda is not similar to water, unless it is diet soda. Soda contains lots of sugar which, when dissolved in water, substantially lower the (MORE)

Pop rocks and soda?

When You Eat Pop Rocks And Drink Soda Will It Make Your Stomach Explode.? Well His Question Comes From A Old Wives Tale. When You Eat Pop Rocks And Drink Soda It Does Not Make Your Stomach Explode It Actually Makes You Stomach Have Sharp Intense Pains.

Temperature of freezing?

Each material has a different melting point (this term is preferred to freezing). See an encyclopedia for values.

What was the first soda pop in space?

The first soda to be consumed in space was Coca-Cola on July 12,1985. Astronauts aboard the space shuttle Challenger drank from theCoca-Cola space can.

How much does a can of soda pop weigh?

The average 8oz aluminum pop can weighs 14 grams. 8 fluid oz of soda averages 1/2 pound. There are 453.5924 grams in a pound. So 1/2 pounds equals 226.7962 grams. So the soda alone weighs about 226.7962 grams Add the cans weight of 14 grams to the average weight of the soda 226.7962 grams. Which me (MORE)

Why is pop or soda bad for you?

There are several theories and reasons: 1) The sugar in the soda pop does not provide nutrition, and are so-called "empty calories". This means that although the sugar provides necessary energy, it does not provide any other essential nutrition, such as protein, fats, vitamins, minerals, etc. (MORE)

Is a soda pop a homogeneous mixture?

Soda is considered a type of homogeneous mixture. It is a mixturethat is uniform in composition and contains the same amount ofcomponents no matter the serving size.

Why does candy explode in soda pop?

First of all it does happen with all candy and all side it only works with mentos and coke not others and its because the carbon builds up and it can't get out because of the lid so once you open it spews

What is the temperature for freezing?

It is easy for everyone to know. Water freezes at 0 degrees Celsius. (if that's how you spell it). The temperature is very cold, so it freezes the water.

What is the acidity of soda pop?

\n. \nDouble trouble for teeth. It's not just sugar that's bad for teeth , but the acids included in many popular drinks are said to "eat" away enamel and make teeth more prone to . The police use coke to get blood from car accidents off the road so you know it cant be good for you. The pH of (MORE)

Why is there carbonic acid in soda pops?

The short or easy answer is to maintain the effervescence ( Bounce, light carbonation) and as a by-product retain the flavor. There was once a soft drink called Cherry Bounce, they fizz up from the carbonation, but this assures a lively taste- as opposed to sodas going flat when left out uncapped in (MORE)

Is soda called pop or soda?

It depends on where you are from. The term pop is used in the Midwest and came from a type of bottle invented in Detroit that was sealed by a rubber ball. To open, the ball was pushed down and a made a popping sound. It seems like the term 'pop' is more commonly used in Canada, while the term 'so (MORE)

How is soda pop carbonated?

Soda is carbonated by running a hose from carbon dioxide under high pressure into purified water that is regular pressure. At a bottling company this is done just before closing the container. In a restaurant this is put in your cup just before you drink it.

At what temperature does soda pop lose its fizz?

i say if the temperature and 60 and below and if it was open it will lose its fizz because no matter if its hot or cold and its not opthe temperature was 70ts fizz because its closed but if the soda was open and

Why is phenylalanine used in soda pop?

Phenylalanine is not used in soda pop. However, diet soda pop may contain the artificial sweetener aspartame . This compound, sold under the trade names "Equal" and "NutraSweet", is metabolized by the body into several chemical byproducts including phenylalanine . The breakdown problems pheny (MORE)

What soda pop has the most fizz and why?

Coke has the most fizz because it has the most carbon dioxide trapped in the bottle. Root Beer has the second most. Ginger Ale has more fizz than either coke or Root Beer.

What is the top soda pop today?

Well, i would have to say that coke or pepsi would have to be the winners otherwise, anything diet because people who are trying to lose weight and love pop will most likely drink diet pops.

Why does soda pop fizz opened?

When a liquid is under pressure, this increases it's solubility, or the amount of a gaseous solute that can dissolve in it. When you open the can and the pressure decreases, there is more carbon dioxide gas in the pop than it can hold, so some of it must turn back to a gas.

What is the fizz in soda pop?

Soda has carbon dioxide gas dissolved in it. In the closed bottle, the soda is under pressure, and so the gas cannot escape. When you open the bottle, you release the pressure and the gas begins to escape -- you can see the bubbles rising. That is what makes the pop-fizz sound. If you leave the bott (MORE)

How is soda pop reckless in The Outsiders?

Well, he grabs a police's gun, and gets caught. . He teases the press. . He drops out of school. . He tries to marry Sandy, his girl. . He defends Pony. . He participates in the rumble.

Why does soda pop when you shake it?

It's because when you shake it the gas builds up and gets pressure and cant escape so when you open it the gas can escape and the pressure pops the soda making it like a soda volcano :)

Can soda pop go bad?

It can lose it's flavor if you shake it up a lot or leave it out in sun for to long.

Do you like soda pop?

it has cafeine in it, cafeine is like a drug. it makes you adiccted. im sure people don't like the way ciggaretes taste,but it has niciotine in it.making it addictive.

How does temperature affect soda pop fizz?

when soda is made , carbon dioxide is injected into the soda at a very high pressure to keep it fresh longer. the colder the soda, the more soluble the carbon dioxide, meaning more carbon dioxide can dissolve into the soda if it is colder. when pressure is released, the carbon dioxide turns back int (MORE)

Why does the soda pop fizz?

If you take a look at the ingredients pannel on the side of the can, most likely the first ingredient will be carbonated water. Carbonated water has a natural fizz creating the same fizz in soda.

How do you say soda pop in Navajo?

tó dilchxoshí is soda pop in Navajo. The marks mean high tone sound (Navajo is tonal). The first word which means water starts with t and wh breathy sound at the start.

What was the cost of a can of soda pop in 1965?

There are several variables to this question. The cost of a soda depended on what brand (Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper) and what size (10 oz., 16 oz.), and whether it came in a can or a bottle. On the average though a soda pop in 1965 would cost you $.10 to $.15.