What is the french term for a fixed price menu?

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'un menu [à prix fixe]' (the "à prix fixe" is implied and almost never expressed aloud)
- 'à la carte' means that you pick every item up in the list and combine them. Add the price of each item to calculate your bill.
- 'au menu, prendre un menu, manger un menu' means that you're picking the fixed menu, with a set price.
In many restaurants you can change one item (say, the dessert) and still get the reduced price that goes with the 'menu'
un menu (à prix fixe)

more and more restaurants offer a menu - entrée et plat or plat et dessert (ie not three courses) for the same price (of course the apéritif, wine and coffee are not included)
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What is a Prix Fixe menu?

Although prix fixe, commonly pronounced 'prefix', menus are common in Europe, they're still somewhat of a novelty to most Americans. A prix fixe menu is simply a collection of

What is a fixed menu?

One set price but you can not change any of the items to go with the meal.

French menu in French?

"The menu" in French is "le menu". Simple! A French menu would be "le/un menu français "

What are the menu prices?

Menu prices are the advertised on the menus in restaurants and fastfood places. The prices are the food are listed on the menus alongwith other information.

How do you price menus?

well it depends on the restaurant style if its a fast food place then the menu should be up to 5,6 dollars but if its a fancy place the menu should be how just think of how mu
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Define Prix fixe menu?

Un menu à prix fixe is the set meal provided by a restaurant, as opposed to the menu à la carte. With the former, a limited choice of 2 or 3 courses is offered at a set