What is the fuel consumption of Boeing 737 per KM per Liter?

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In Boeing
Boeing 737-800 uses approx 1.1 MJ of fuel per seat km (+/- 10 %).
This equals about 2.93 Liters/seat/100km.
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Average fuel consumption per mile for a Ford F-150 pickup?

About 10-13 miles per gal if your speed is around 0 to 40 miles per hour. 10 -15 miles per gal if you have a combination of city and freeway speeds. 13-19 miles per gal if you do most freeway speeds. I know this because I own one. What a pain!

What is the fuel consumption of a Boeing 747?

A plane like a Boeing 747 uses approximately 1 gallon of fuel (about 4 liters) every second. According to Boeing's Web site, the 747 burns approximately 5 gallons of fuel per mile (12 liters per kilometer). [See related link] Different variants with different specifications and engines will (MORE)

What is the consumption of electricity per person?

1860 kWh (annual, UK, 2007) . Consumption varies significantly depending on a number of factors, such as size of house, number of occupants, daylight hours, stupidity of occupants etc. . UK average annual electricity consumption per household is 4390 kWh (2007). This roughly equates to 1860 kWh (MORE)

What is the Fuel consumption of a Boeing 737?

While the actual fuel consumptions of the Boeing 737 depend onseveral factors there is an average that is widely used. It isestimated that the Boeing 737 uses about one gallon of fuel everysecond.

Boeing 737 fuel burn per hour?

The FF is roughly 1260 kg/hr on each engine. This is at cruise. Altitude FL 330, N1's 85.7/85,9 respectively. Speed at .76 mach . 1200 to 1600 kg/hr is normal readings during normal cruise for 737-80. This varies by speed, weight and altitude.

Boeing 777 fuel consumption?

For airplanes you will not find such a figure called "fuel consumption." Also there are many versions of the 777 offering different ranges and payloads. A jet engine's consumption also depends on the cruising altitude, payload, weather, and speed. Fuel planning is part of the flight dispatch, is c (MORE)

What is the fuel consumption of a Boeing 767?

A Boeing 767 aircraft that is carrying passengers from New York toLondon would need about 45 gallons per passenger in order to makethe trip. This makes the Boeing 767 far more fuel-efficient than acar, which would need twice as much fuel in order to make thatdistance.

Your engine is 400hp how many km per liter?

The answer to this question is hard as it is dependant upon: . Efficiency of engine and gear box. . Weight of car. . Aerodynamic resistance of car. . These are the main contributors to vehicular efficiency, however other minor factors are: . Octane of petrol being used . Tyres being used: (MORE)

What is the fuel consumption of Boeing 787?

There are many variables to figuring fuel consumption such asairspeed, altitude, and throttle settings. The average used forflight planning is 12,500 pounds per hour, or 1840 gallons perhour.

What is the average fuel consumption per year per diesel bus?

Assuming the fuel efficiency of the bus is 25.1 litres/100km or 11mpg AND the distance travelled per year is 27.4k Miles:. 27400m/11mpg = 2490.91 gallons per year. 2490.91 gallons = 11.3k litres per year. So to answer your question, about 2.5k gallons or 11.3k litres per year!

Does load affects fuel consumption per hour of a diesel generator?

If the generator is to maintain the same rpm and power output, then a heavier load will increase the diesel consumption. The revolutions per minute the generator runs will increase as the load increases, thereby resulting in an increase in diesel consumption to maintain the high rpm. A Generator has (MORE)

Is 10.6 km per liter good gas mileage?

Not bad. But it really depends on the type of vehicle you are talking about. As a reference, 10.6 (kilometers per liter) = about 24.9 miles per gallon.

How is the fuel consumption of Boeing 767-300er?

The exact fuel consumption is variable as certain periods such astakeoff and early cruise will burn more fuel. That being said, atcruising altitude a 767-300ER with the RB211-524H power plants willburn around 4200 kilograms per hour.

What is the fuel efficiency of the space shuttle in miles per gallon and km per liter?

The space shuttle uses a combination of liquid of oxygen, liquid hydrogen and solid rocket propellant as well as hypergolic fuels once on orbit so a direct comparison doesn't really apply, but if we must... The 3 SSME's and 2 SRBs are used during launch and nearly all that fuel is used to overco (MORE)

Convert miles per gallon and liters per km?

Use this formula to convert mpg to liters per km: mpg x 2.352 = liters per kilometer * * * * * Correction, since the two measures are inversely related: liters per kilometer = 2.352/mpg (US) .

Average fuel consumption of Boeing 737-300 aircraft?

Fuel Consumption is dependent on many factors. Jets have electronic fuel computers/calculators that compute fuel used, distance, navigation and fuel left, like some cars. If the computer doesn't work then the pilot (or co-pilot, every passenger jet must have a co-pilot, per FAA) can estimate fuel le (MORE)

How many liters did a Boeing 747 use per Kilometer?

At 33 000 feet and a weight of 340,000 Kg, in nil wind, TAS of 505 Knots, the 747-400 I was flying last night was using 15.65 litres per kilometre. Obviously fuel consumption is affected by weight, altitude, airspeed and headwind/tailwind.

Where are the fuel tanks on a boeing 737?

Fuel is normally stored in the wings of the Boeing 737. directly above the wings on the engine. The fuel takes the shape of the inside of the wing, it is obviously protected.

Fuel consumption per hour for mercury 800 80hp outboard?

I just took my 1983 Mercury 80 hp Blue Band out yesterday on a 5 meter half cabin Australian Swift Craft. I kept it at approx 20 knots (backed off from full throttle which would be about 38 knots) for approx 80 minutes and used 27 Liters of Fuel. I was shocked that it used so much fuel.... was think (MORE)

How much fuel does a Boeing 737-800 consume?

There is no "answer" to this question. The amount of fuel needed to keep an airplane flying depends on many, many things. The weight of the plane and everything on the plane is one factor. The more the plane weighs, the more thrust is needed from the engines to keep it flying, which means more fuel (MORE)

How can you calculate fuel consumption as a function of rpm So for a given rpm and an engine size you can find the approximate fuel consumption liters per minute Does any one know of an equation?

Gasoline must be measured by mass not volume. So we have to convert from volume to mass and back to volume. I left the units on so you could see conversion. \ denotes per and/ denotes division. Example: 5.2L/2=2.6L*2000rpm=5200L\m*.85=4420L\m*1.22g\L=5392.4g\m /14.7= 366.83g\m/760g\l=.48L\m Explai (MORE)

How many mpg is 56 liters per 100 km?

100 / 56 = 1.7857 km / litre > 1.7857 * 1000000 / 25.4 / 36 / 1760 * 4.5461 = 5.0443 mpg (UK) > 1.7857 * 1000000 / 25.4 / 36 / 1760 * 3.7854 = 4.2002 mpg (US)

How can you determine how far a car travels per liter of fuel?

start with a known fuel supply L for simplicity lets say you have 10L of fuel and you take the total distance traveled X lets says you drove 200 miles on 10 L of fuel you'd have X/L=mpg and in this case 200/10 gives you 20mpg this wouldn't include the margin of error you would get from adding weig (MORE)