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A hockey stick is used when spreading bacteria over a solid medium. The bacteria is deposited via micropipette, then the aseptic technique is applied to a bent glass rod called a hockey stick to rid it of pre-existing bacteria. The hockey stick is touched to the medium to lower its temperature, then lightly pulled through the bacteria until it covers the medium in a thin layer.
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Why are hockey sticks made from wood?

Modern hockey sticks are made from several types of materials, including wood.. Wood is the traditional material, and a wood stick is the cheapest one. Made in two parts, the shaft and the blade, and joined together at the point where the shaft meets the blade, with a type of joint that is quite strong. The blade's length is regulated, as is the curvature of it.. Metal shafts and now combined with wood blades, as are composite sticks with blades and shafts. The cost of these is much higher than wood .. A pro quality composite stick is about $125 each with metal shaft and wood sticks being cheaper at $99 in Canada.. Pro hockey players have their sticks made just for them by the stick companies, and when they get a shipment of 100 sticks, they will spend several days, working on each stick to get it to their satisfaction as to the curve and the taping on the blade and the shaft. They use sanders and grinders to get them "just right" then they are stored in the team's equipment locker. The team's equipment manager is responsible to make sure that each player has "enough sticks" for every game and he puts at least 5 sticks out for each player behind the player's bench where they are instantly available if the player breaks on on the ice.. The metal shaft stick has more bendability than the wood one, so the player can get more "whip" effect when he shoots. The amount of curve and cup of the blade will give the shooter more "snap" on the wrist shot. The downside to a big curve in the blade is that it makes it much harder for the player to "receive" a hard pass. The puck will bounce off the curved blade more easily than on a straight blade. It is all a matter of personal choice for the player.. Finally goal tenders do not use composite or metal sticks, only wood ones. They have found that wood has the best weight and feel for the special sticks that the goals use. The goalie has a stick that is wider and thicker than a regular hockey stick.

How are composite hockey sticks made?

Ice Hockey . Composite, or 1 piece sticks are actually made of 2 pieces. The shaft is hollow, and the blade is inserted into the shaft, then a coating is applied to the stick, making it look like it is made in one piece.. The inside is wood and it is fibreglass reinforced. (meaning it is "coated" with fibreglass). Field Hockey . The stick is made of fibre mat and resin in a mould, then allowed to set. It is built up layer by layer until roughly finished, then sanded or cut down to the smooth final shape. It is capped at the end and then painted.

Who invented the hockey stick?

Answer . We do not know who made the first hockey stick, as hockey in various forms has been played for centuries and the first players did not keep records of their games or equipment.

How is a field hockey stick made?

Depending on the type of stick:. A wooden base is carved from a strong timber. It is then smoothed off and painted. . Layers of various types of carbon fibre are laid together in a mould with resin. As the resin dries, more layers are added until it reaches the final size. The two halves are then placed together and more fibre and ersin is added around them to bind them. When it is finished, the outside will be smoothed off and the stick painted and capped. . A wooden beam is carved from timber. Layers of composite material (fibres and resin) are then added to create the shape of the stick. The final product is finished off, painted and capped.

How do I choose a field hockey stick?

The length of the stick is important. Make sure your stick of choice reaches your hip bone area while holding the stick upright on the ground, against the side your leg. Hockey sticks that are too long or short are uncomfortable to play with. Also make sure the stick's grip is very firm between the hands, better grip means better control of the ball. Its usually best to ask some field hockey players what kind of sticks they like and then maybe go out and try some to see if it suits you. Sticks are designed differently with many different makes like Grays, Malik, Mercian, TK, Slazenger, Dita, Gryphon and even Adidas now... If you can go to a hockey outlet and try the sticks before you buy them, then that is the best way to go as buying a hockey stick is like buying Trainers or Clothes, it all depends on how comfortable you feel with it.. t depends on what you want. If you want a stick for dribbling then any lightweight stick with a good head will do fine. . If you want one for flicking, aerials and so forth get a stick with curve. The more the better. However the more you have then it can become less good when dribbling. . If you are a big hitter then you want a stick that is strong and durable with a good amount of curve. grays are probily the most durable of all so you might want to go for one of them. . Before you buy your stick know what you want. I strongly recommend going on all the major makers: . Voodoo grays gryphon dita murcial . When you choose your stick i very strongly recommend you go to barrington sports (just type it in on Google) As when i got my stick that website saved me a fortune! .

Lightest hockey stick?

defiantly something of easton manufacture. but that's just personal intrest. most eastons and warriors are light. people say that the ccm u+ crazy light stick is light.....but that's a given.

What is the best hockey stick called?

Really, the best hockey stick depends on your own opinion, but my personal favorite is the Warrior Kronik. It is a very expensive (300-350$) hockey stick that has a nice look, good weight and great durability. If you have the money, this is the stick to go for.

Best hockey stick?

Technically speaking, there is no "best" hockey stick, though there are many good ones. Personally, I would choose Reebok 10k. It also depends on what position you are, and what kind of player you are. Are you a grinder? Sniper? Dangler? These all help determine the attributes of yourself, and what kind of stick you should buy.

Why was the hockey stick invented?

The hockey stick was invented to use along with the hockey puck inthe game of hockey. The Mi'kmaq people of Nova Scotia are creditedwith inventing the hockey stick.

How do you measure hockey stick curve?

For equipment legality purposes it is generally accepted that if you lay your stick down so the forehand (the inside curve) is on the ground a puck should not, or with resistance, pass through between blade and ground.

What is a field hockey stick made of?

Field Hockey sticks can be made of wood or carbon and fibreglass. Wood is more old-fashioned. Carbon makes the sticks lighter and fibreglass gives them the strength so they won't break. The best sticks are mostly carbon with a bit of fibreglass.

Where are hockey sticks imported?

depneds on the brand. many easton sticks are made in Mexico as well as Bauer. other companiest like sher- wood have some made in Canada and some made in china. there are also companys like Montreal that are made in findland.but for the most part probably around 80% or higher are from Mexico and china.

How do you repair a field hockey stick?

With duck tape or crazy glue!. Depending on the damage, a small amount of stick-repair resin (produced by some companies for the purpose) can be used to fill in worn-down areas or chips. Beyond this, there is no decent way to fix a stick, and you are better off getting a new one. To help prevent such damage, a small amount of the aforementioned stick-repair resin can be used to cover the hook (to stop wearing of the stickhead) and shaftguards can be applied to the stick to help stop chips occurring.

What field hockey stick is the best?

\nI use TK field hockey sticks. My indoor is a TK Classic 2.2, and I really like it. For outdoor sticks, I would suggest a Grays, a Kookaburra, or a TK. Grays are great all-around sticks, Kookaburras are great looking and good drivers, and TKs are great offensive sticks.\n. \nHope this helps! :)

What ice hockey sticks are the best?

Each stick has different results.. Every stick has different flexes which give you better shots. I personally would recommend Easton Stealths, Nike Bauer One 90, Nike Bauer Vapors, Warrior, or Rbk.. but any composite stick will work. Price range is a factor. and what level you play on..

What is a stick tackle in hockey?

there is no such thing in hockey called a stick tackle. if you tackle some one with your stick in hockey you are most likely to be getting a penalty if the referee saw it.

What is theBest field hockey stick?

It's all in the players preference. My personal favorite stick is the new Princess T-14 range and they are very good sticks but many other people may say that another stick is the best. It's all in your preference.

What happens if you break your hockey stick?

If you break your hockey stick in a game you must drop it immediately (unless there has been a stoppage in play). If you continue to play with or do not set down your broken stick you will get a 2 min. penalty. Most players bring two sticks to hockey games and practices in case they do brake their first stick. If you do not have a spear you can usually barrow a team mates or go to the rinks pro shop and buy a new on right away. It is always a good idea to have two hockey sticks. In some cases your stick can be fixed. If the brake is in the right spot it can even be cut down and given to a kid. Unless you have fixed broken sticks before, I suggest having someone who knows what they are doing fix it for you. If all else fails and you must throw away your stick think again! There are people who actually make furniture out of hockey sticks. They look so cool. I know of two people. Be creative and try it yourself. You can't break your stick much more:)

What is the difference in hockey stick curves?

The bigger the curve, the easier it is to raise the puck. With a smaller curve, you have to use more power to raise it (but not much more). With smaller curves, you have better puck control, and a better backhand. Usually center's have smaller curves because they have to use there backhand more, and wingers have bigger curves.

What weight is an ice hockey stick?

It ranges between approximately 385-500 grams. But there are also heavier sticks out there. Wooden sticks are often (but not always) heavier than the ones made out of newer materials such as composite, graphite or fiberglass

Who makes ice hockey sticks?

If you mean companies, then Reebok, Bauer, Easton, CCM, Warrior, TPS, and many other companies produce great hockey sticks.

An average Hockey stick heghts?

75 - 85 % of your height (some like it shorter and others like it taller; defencemen often uses taller sticks than forwards)

How heavy is a hockey stick?

A newer hockey stick may weigh so less as 395 grams, but it varies through 300-500. The sticks made out of wood are often heavier than the one's made out of composite or graphite.

What happens if you throw your stick in hockey?

In ice hockey, if you throw it at some one to poke the puck away or trip them, I believe that it's a penalty or a penalty shot. In field hockey, you will probably be given a yellow card, along with the appropriate penalty.

Which field hockey stick should you get?

There are two main kinds of field hockey sticks; Wood and Composite. Wood is made of obviously, wood. These are generally cheaper and lighter in weight. In my personal experience, the wood splinters after a few games. Composite is made of several materials and is usually heavy. It often costs much more than a wood stick, but they are usually more sturdy and flexible. Personally, I would say go with a composite stick. They last longer and are more reliable. Although this is my opinion, I think you should find a store that allows you to try out different sticks and find one comfortable for you. Also, ask a store worker or coach at your local sport shop what they recommend.

What is a composite hockey stick?

Composite Hockey sticks are sticks made from interwoven strands of fiberous materials such as carbon fiber. The insides are hollow making them light weight, but the interwoven construction allows for a flexible stick with as much strength as, if not more strength as a wooden one.

What are pro-stock hockey sticks?

pro stock hockey sticks are customized sticks "usually by the pros" and are specific in every way for that player from flex,blade,taper,grip ect. they have no warranty because they are usually for professional use and waranties are void at college and professional level anyway so be sure to check the stick out before buying becuz u will never no what you will get PS. ovechikin used a one95 supreme for sometime but since he was sponsored by ccm it was painted like a ccm u crazy lite watever

How do field hockey sticks break?

Field hockey sticks are very hard to break these days. They aremade out of Carbon fibre which is very strong, yet just like anyother equipment they can break. Depending on the constructionprocess and any manufacturing errors some can have hairlinefractures which degrade and become larger over time causing them tobreak from the stress of hitting. Most player replace their sticksevery one or two years but its not necessary to do that unless yourstick is really worn at the hook.

What is the warranty on warrior hockey sticks?

The warranty is usually 30 days from the date of purchase. Warrior, as with most stick manufacturers, prefers that you handle all stick warranties directly through them. They do not want you to go back to the store you purchased the stick from. You can find all the warranty information you need by going to the Warrior hockey website (see related link).

How do you find the mass of a hockey stick?

The mass of a large lightweight object is not simple to determine. For you must allow for the buoyancy* of the volume of air displaced by the volume of the item. But having done so, you will have the true mass, not merely its weight on Earth. [Its weight will also vary according to the force of gravity at that point. Even in a country as small as New Zealand, the gravitational force varies by about one part in a thousand. Right at the limit for commercial weight precision. ] * This buoyancy concept needs thought. Consider a fish, which you must not leave out of the water for more than 10 seconds. And of which you desire to know the mass. Now, this fish, when neutrally buoyant, will neither rise, or sink. Therefore it is equally dense as is the water. So its mass is the same as the mass of the volume of water that it displaces. (This is Archimedes idea.) So by measuring the volume of the fish, and knowing the mass of that volume of water, we have the mass of the fish - not merely its weight. So we quickly move the fish to a new tank, and measure the increase in the level of the water, to know the volume occupied by the fish. [You may wish to conduct the same mental experiment (gedankenexperiment) to find the mass of a perfectly spherical balloon, filled with Helium.]

What material are hockey sticks made from?

Hockey sticks are traditionally made from wood, but they are also constructed from different materials as well. These would include carbon fiber, kevlar, aluminum and fiberglass.

What is a composite ice hockey stick?

A stick made of synthetic composite materials (e.g. fiberglass,carbon fiber) instead of natural traditional materials (e.g. wood,plywood, metal).