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What is the function of inverter?

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An inverter changes direct current (maybe from a battery) to alternating current
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What is a manhole invert?

A manhole invert is the pipeline running across the bottom of the  manhole, from the point where the incoming pipe enters until the  outgoing pipe discharges the outflow. It

What does invert mean?

To invert basically means, "turn upside down". Example: Invert the egg timer so you can time the cooking for a boiled egg.

What is the purpose or function of an inverter?

It basically converts dc to ac. They are primarily used to convert the dc current from batteries to ac supply. To convert DC to AC. It changes direct current (DC) to alterna

What is an inverted cloaca?

A cloaca is an opening in the posterior of an animal. It is used to  eliminate body waste such as urine. An inverted cloaca means that  the cloaca is turned inside and is no

What is inverted optics?

Definition: Inverted Optics (IO): This Optics is called "Inverted", Not because the Light would travel in the opposite direction, but because some important optical Components

What does inverted mean?

inverted means opposite of normal...such as an inverted flag pole  would have the flag inside the ground instead of flying on the top  of the pole...also a reciprocal (flip

What is invert sugar?

  Invert sugar is sucrose that has been split into its two component sugars - glucose and fructose. This website explains it very well. Look under "Liquid Sugar" at the

Are the modem and the codec functional inverses ie could an inverted modem?

No, the modem and codec are not exactly the functional inverse of each other. teh modem converts the digital data to analog signal by teh modulating part of it. teh demodulat

What is a solar inverter?

Solar inverter modifies the electricity from the solar panels and  changes it to power the appliances in a house. This inverter has a  special feature that can adapt for use

Can an invertible function have more than one x-intercept?

No. If the function has more than one x-intercept then there are more than one values of x for which y = 0. This means that, for the inverse function, y = 0 should be mapped