What is the function of search engines?

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The problem in locating the correct information on the internet led to the creation of search technology, known as the internet search engine. A search engine can provide links to relevant information based on your requirement or query.

A search engine is a computer software, that is continually modified to avail of the lastest technologies in order to provide improved search results. Each search engine does the same functions of collecting, organizing, indexing and serving results in its own unique ways, thus employing various algorithms and techniques, which are their trade secrets. In short, the functions of a search engine can be categorized into the following:

1. Crawling the internet for web content.

2. Indexing the web content.

3. Storing the website contents.

4. Search algorithms and results.
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Can you explain the function of a search Engine?

The function of a search engine is to provide as many results aspossible for anything searched on the internet. Most search engineswill also rank the credibility of the source

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Search engine optimizer can be a consulting company or an individual person doing search engine optimization (SEO) works for websites to facilitate them secure high positions

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Search is a complicated process and what follows is a very watereddown explanation. Generally speaking, there are 2 parts to a searchengine: indexing, querying. The indexing p