What is the future of Kiribati?

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Wet. Most of Kiribati, a very low lying island nation in the Pacific, will be underwater within the next 10 to 100 years due to global warming (some islands have already submerged). See the entry in Wikipedia for more.
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Where is Kiribati?

Answer . Kiribati used to be the Gilbert and Ellice Islands (Kiribati is the local spelling of Gilbert).. It is a group of islands in the South Pacific. The capital of K

What does kiribati celebrate?

It celebrates its Independence which lasts for 1 week. This is also known as the July Festivals which consists of Inter-school competitions, Beauty contests, Battle of the Ban

How did Kiribati get its name?

It is a local translation of Gilbertese in Kiribati. The " ti " in Kiriba ti is pronounced " si " so you say "Kee-ree-basii" instead of "Kiribati" . FYI Kiribati was namesake

Who is the President of Kiribati?

Anote Tong is the President of Kiribati. Tong took office on 2003 July 10, and was re-elected in 2007 and 2011 for 4-year terms. He has spoke out globally about climate ch

How high is Kiribati?

Banaba Island is Kiribati's highest point, reaching 285 feet above sea level
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What are the lakes of Kiribati?

Kiribati lakes are located at the base of many mountainous regions, specifically the cape of good hope and my basement
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Kiribati is in which continent?

Kiribati is in Oceania. It is in the Far East of the continent, andit stretches as far as UTC+14.