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How do you hire the monkey in game dev story?

After you win 1 Global Game Award(1st prize) you can hire a bear. After the second prize, you can hire the monkey dude and after 3 you can hire the Kairobot. When you win the

What are the best free gaming sites?

Well there are many good gaming sites for kids but for girls I recommend Girlsgogames which has good girly games on. Also there is Moshi monsters, Club Penguin, Friv, Habbo, M

What game sites have viruses?

CheatMasters.com do. its a Trojan and it may erase our damage your files NEVER GO ON brothersoft.com i learned from my friend that it has about 2-4 High risk viruses!!!!!!!!!

Do game sites give viruses?

  it really depends on which one. like ones that make you download/install their programs. But if you can you can use a virus scan daily.

What are the top free gaming sites?

Some of the most popular free online gaming sites include Armor Games, Newgrounds, Kongregate, AGAME, and Miniclip. More gaming sites can be found by clicking the publisher li

What games can be played at the site 'Boxerjam Games'?

The games that can be played at the site "Boxerjam Games" are puzzle and word games. The site has family friendly games with trivia and cash prizes available to be won.

How do you play monkey the card game?

the way the filipinos play it is, when you have your cards, take out the pairs (e.g king of hearts and kind of spades) it doesn't matter what color, just as long as it has the

How many super monkey ball games are there?

There's 9 so far. -Super Monkey Ball 1 and 2 for the GameCube -Super Monkey Ball Deluxe for the PlayStation/Xbox -Super Monkey Ball Jr. for Gameboy -Super Monkey Ball Adventur

How do you save the game in the secret of monkey island?

If you are running through scummVM (which you probably are), press F5 to bring up the save menu. If you are playing through another engine, F1 or Escape are also possible. If

What is the best horse game site?

I would say the two best free horse games I've found are howrse.com and the two horse isle games (horseisle.com). There is another game but it is in I thing Korean and you hav