What is the genus of the flower called parrots bill?

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I am not sure if this is what you're looking for, but here's the latin name and family I found for parrot's bill-
Clianthus puniceus (Fabaceae) A: There is a plant called Bird of Paradise that looks like a parrot.
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What is a parrot?

Parrots are particularly intelligent birds. They have strong, curved beaks, and are known for their ability to mimic a variety of sounds, including human speech. For the most part, parrots are herbivores, feeding on native plant blossoms (especially those with easy-to-reach nectar), seeds or using t (MORE)

What is a genus?

A genus is a low-level taxonomical rank that groups together closely-related species. These closely-related species have a common ancestor.

What is a baby parrot called?

Baby parrots are simply called "chicks". As their feathers start to come through, they may be referred to as "fledglings", but chicks is the most common term.

What is the genus?

Are you referring to the genus of a certain organism, or are you just referring to what a genus is? If you are referring to the definition of Genus, it is the second to the most specific level of classification in the taxonomy of classification. Genus is after family but before species. An example o (MORE)

What are parrots?

Parrots are beautiful birds with colourful feathers witch live in tropical continent and have a wonderful personality.

What is the genus of the animal parrot?

There are 350 species in 85 Genera of the Order Psittaciformes. These are further grouped into two Families Psittacidae (true parrot) and Cacatuidae (cockatoos).

Why are parrots called parrots?

The word parrot was first used 1525. It comes from the From French perrot which is either a diminutive of Pierre or a shortened form of perroquet.

What is the genus and species for Bahama parrot?

\nThe Bahama Parrot is also known as the Cuban Amazon. Its binomial name is Amazona leucocephala. Those that live in The Bahamas are known as Amazona leucocephala bahamensis.\n. \nHere is a wikipedia article on them.\nhttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cuban_Amazon

What parrot do you get?

It depends on your lifestyle. If you're home a LOT (and i do mean a lot) you may consider an African grey parrot. some others are a macaw, a toucan, a parakeet, a budgie, etc. go to birdchannel.com for more info.

What Phylum class genus order family and species does the parrot belong to?

The order is Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Family, Genus, Species. There are over 350 species of parrot, in over 80 genera, and 3 families, but they are all in the same order: . Chordata Aves Neognathae Psittaciformes . and the families are: . Nestoridae . Cacatuidae . Psittacidae . (MORE)

What is the the cry or call of a parrot called?

\nThere are dozens of parrot species, each of which has a set of sounds that they typically make, plus sounds they learn by mimicking. Some common sounds that parrots make are squawking, screaming, clicking, chirping, growling, buzzing, whistling, and gurgling.

What genus does the parrot belong to?

Parrots are actually an Order of birds, not a specific family or genus. Anything in the order Psittaciformes is a 'parrot'. . The Family 'psittacidae' is for 'true parrots', as opposed to cockatoos, which are also in the parrot Order. Psittacidae contains 300+ different species of true parrot, so t (MORE)

What is the female parrot called?

The female parrot is called a hen. This is the general name that isused for all birds where male is the cock and the female a hen.

20 dollar bill with flower from 2004?

Please do 2 things: > First, look more closely at the bill. It's a stylized eagle, not a "flower". > Second, please look at the other bills in your wallet. Almost every $20 you have should carry that image. The green-and-blue design with the eagle has been in circulation since 2004 and hundreds o (MORE)

Where are parrots from?

Many are native to australia such as parakeets and cockatiels. Others are native to south america or africa and can be found in jungles.

Why is it called a narcosis flower?

Narcosis means a state of drowsiness produced by taking narcotic drugs. Perhaps you are thinking of the narcissus, which was called such because of the youth Narcissus that was in love with himself in mythology.

What is it called when a flower opens?

Blooming Blooming is the general term used to depict flowering. The openingof a flower is called anthesis. Different plants have differenttimings of anthesis or flower opening.

What is the nandivardhanam flower is called in English?

Buttefly Gardenia. I ordered it recently so I know, also called Indian Carnation. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My research into this question would indicate that it is :- nandivardhanam / Ervatamia coronaria / Moonbeam fl (MORE)

How To Get a Parrot?

google parrot stores near me of look in the yellow pages for a pet store that carries birds near u. The are shows, and flea markets that sell birds

Which flower is called queen flower?

There are a number of flowers/ plants that have the word "queen" in the common name: Queen of the night - Cestrum nocturnum Queen Annes' Lace - because if you see one it looks like lace and queen Anne had a sixth finger bud, so she wore french lace on her sleeve to hide it.

What do you call the sound a PARROT makes?

I believe the sound parrots make is well.. squawking? But they're also one of they only animals to make the same sounds like a human they may not understand what they are saying but i think that it is pretty impressive.

How do you get the parrot?

I think you mean skullduggery island. (pirates) So, you go into the pub that says 'petey's pub' and enter. Go to the top left corner and get the cracker. go to the tower and use the cracker and get the parrot!

When is a flower called a complete flower?

Short: A complete flower has all four components: petals, sepals, pistil and stamen. A perfect flower has both male (stamen) and female (pistil) reproductive parts. Therefore all complete flowers are perfect, but not all perfect flowers are complete. More and Better: A flower having sepal (MORE)

What does a parrot do?

a parrot just sit's there and maybe it'll talk.it's all up to the owner and how he has his parrot trained or nonm trained

What family of flower is the aster genus from?

The aster genus is a flower that is mainly found in Eurasia and North America. From the family Asteraceae, the flower has approximately 600 species in total on in those two regions.

What genus do parrots belong to?

Parrots is a term used which is higher than "genus" in theclassification scheme Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Aves Order:Psittaciformes Superfamily: Psittacoidea. There are many genera ofparrots below this level.

What is feminine gender of parrot is called?

In English there are no masculine or feminine forms. English usesgender specific nouns for male or female. The gender specific noun for a female parrot is hen . The gender specific noun for a male parrot is cock. The noun 'parrot' is a common gender noun as a word for amale or a female.