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What is the gestation period for cats?

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Feline Gestation Period The length of pregnancy in a cat is approx. 63-69 days; 9-10 weeks; @2 months.

Most kittens are born in the summer, and very few are born in the fall and winter months.
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What is the gestation period for a wild cat?

  Having dealt with wild cats for about 20 years, the gestation period varies a bit based on how well they are forraging for food, the amount of sleep they can get regular

What is the Gestational period of a hen?

Hens really do not have a gestational period the way a mammal does.   Gestation refers to a mammals egg being fertilized and being nurtured inside the body until the baby

What is a is a squirrels gestational period?

depends on the size of the squirrel... small ones = approx 33 days larger ones= approx 60 youre average eastern grey squirrel will have a gestation period of around 44 days.

What is the gestation period for a cat?

A cat's gestation period (or pregnancy) generally lasts between 60- 67 days, with the average being 63 days from conception. at around 3-4 months into a cat's pregnancy it wil

What is the gestation period of a Zebu cow?

Zebu cows usually have quite a long gestation period, which can stretch from 290 to 300 days in length.

What is a gestation period?

The gestation period is a scientific term for the length of time, from conception to birth, an embryo turned fetus remains in the womb of its mother. It pertains to any specie

How long is the gestation period of a Savannah cat?

It is actually almost impossible to get offspring from a Savannah  cat due to the rarity of producing a Savannah cat in the first  place, and the fact that they are not a br