What is the god Jupiter's symbol?

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The lightning bolt and the eagle.
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What is Jupiter's symbol?

If your web browser can draw it, the symbol is: ♃ It looks like a 2 with a long bottom line, and a line going down perpendicular to the long bottom line. See related l

Is Jupiter's symbol a number 4?

The astrological symbol for Jupiter is more like a 2 morphing into a 4. If that's the symbol you're thinking of then you're right.

What is the planet Jupiter's symbol?

The astronomical symbol for planet Jupiter is ♃ . See the link under "Sources and related links" below for a larger version. It is supposed to be a representation

Is Jupiter's god Zeus?

No. The planet Jupiter is named after the Roman god Jupiter. Zeus is merely Jupiter's Greek name (they are one and the same god). As king of the gods, there can be no god abov
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What is Jupiter's scientific symbol?

The symbol itself will not print here, but you can see one at. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jupiter. (It's just above the picture of the planet)
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What is Jupiter's name of god?

Not sure what you are asking here, but this is the basics: The Greeks called the "God of all the Gods" Zeus, the Romans called him Jupiter. The name was used for the planet, b