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What is the habitat of an antelope?

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Antelopes range anywhere from desert (oryx) through to dense rainforest (bongo). Europe and parts of Russian tundra have saiga antelope that used to
run in massive herds that were nearly irradicated (much like the buffalo in North America).

North America has only the Pronghorn (Antelocapridae) which is not an antelope in the strict sense of the word.

South America has no antelope species.
antelopes usually live in plains,grasslands,and deserts . Most species of antelopes are native to Africa but some species originate in Asia.
Most species of antelope are native to Africa, but some originate in Asia as well. Sometimes the so called pronghorn antelope of North America is confused with the true antelope. Thus, the pronghorn is not really an antelope. The true antelope is strictly confined to Africa and Asia.
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