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What is the half-life of a neutron source?

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How can you get half a neutron?
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What does a neutron do?

It helps keep the nucleus of most atoms together, through the "strong force".

Could neutron stars support life?

No it could not most stars burn helium and hydrogen to give light and heat neutron stars are made of only neutrons and gives off little light and the gravity is extremely high

How do you calculate the dose rate from an Am-Be neutron source?

neutrons are produced at a rate of 2.8x10+6 neutrons/second/curie Am-241 for an optimally, well mixed source of americium and beryllium.  the neutron dose rate of a one curi

What is a neutron?

Neutrons A neutron is a subatomic particle; it is one of the building blocks of the atom. As such, it is found in the nucleus of an atom. The neutron has an atomic mass of abo

What do neutrons do?

Neutrons are particles in the nucleus of an atom which have slightly more mass than a proton. They contain neither a positive nor a negative charge. Neutrons bind with the pro

What is the source of neutron in nuclear reactor?

Uranium-235 undergoes a small rate of natural spontaneous fission, so there are always some neutrons being produced even in a fully shutdown reactor. When the control rods are