What is the happiest animal?

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Well all happiness is determined by how well their treated or if they feel safe.
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When is Rihanna at her happiest?

Obviously Rhianna is at her happiest when she is on stage singing her heart out with her loving passionate fans - like any other famous singer! i know this because interviews

What is the happiest animal in the world?

The Elephant Theory: When it is sunny, we're more happy (the majority of times), yes? When it is rainy and usually a bit dark and gloomy, we often get a little morbid abou

How do you get evee to its happiest?

just level it up intill it gets max freindship but if you do u need to do it at night or itll beomce espon unless that's what u whant

What is the happiest age?

According to a recent survey, 33 is the happiest age. The age when humans are happiest can vary widely person to person. A British website posed the question and found that
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What was your happiest moment?

In 2011 I would have to say that my happiest moment was graduating from high school.
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Why is the quokka sometimes referred to as the happiest animal on Earth?

Although much research has been done, there does not appear to be any information as to why the Quokka is referred to as the happiest animal on Earth. It is a small animal th
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Which is the happiest animal on earth?

Quokka: The happiest animal in the world Even though dogs are a man's best friend, they aren't the happiest. And neither are other domesticated pets like cats. The happiest