What is the hazard of putting more space between yourself and the hazard?

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That another driver will squeeze into that space, but that is less hazardous than getting too close to the first hazard to begin with.
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What makes hazardous waste hazardous?

When waste is able to cause significant harm to people, property or the environment, it is considered to be "hazardous waste" and is treated with greater care than regular old garbage.

What is a hazard?

It is anything that has the potential to cause injury, loss oflife, damage to property or environment.

What is the difference between hazardous materials and hazardous waste?

A Hazardous Waste is any material that is subject to the EPA's Hazardous Waste Manifest specified in 40CFR262. A Hazardous Substance - is any material listed as having Reportable Quantities Pursuant to Section 311 of the Clean Water Act (40CFR117.3) A Hazardous Material is any material or obje (MORE)

What do hazards do?

They cause harm to life,property and environment. In places such as construction work sites, hazards are probable causes of risks to health and safety of all workers that is why departments such as OSHA was created. There are also different kinds of hazards such as environmental hazards - businesses (MORE)

What is hazardous?

Something that can cause a hazard. Something that is dangerous and likely to cause harm..

What is the difference between risk or hazard?

A risk or hazard is a possible danger. Hazards are obstacles that could cause one harm or misfortune. A road hazard, such as a sharp turn, is dangerous if you are not aware of it. A risk is a chance that one takes in a plan. "You risk going outside on a cloudy day without taking an umbrella or rain (MORE)

Difference between hazardous and non hazardous waste?

basically, the difference is whatever the regulator of choice decides it is. it's fairly arbitrary. it may be based on corrosivity, or the presence of various contaminants like chromium or cyanide above some limit of concentration, or any number of other things.

Is it hazardous to use a hotplate as a space heater?

It is dangerous to use any electrical device for purposes it in not designed for. In the case of a hot plate they are not designed to be on for extended periods of time. With the open element there is the danger of it becoming a source for a fire and dangerous burns. Suggestion, buy a plug in basebo (MORE)

What is a hazard and what are five categories of hazards?

A hazard is a material or circumstance that might cause injury, illness, or property damage. A hazard is any material, event or condition that will produce undesired results unexpectedly. While there are many ways to categorize hazards, one way is to call them . biological, . chemical, . physi (MORE)

What are hazardous and non hazardous batteries?

Anything that can hold an electric charge can be hazardous if the positive and negative terminals aren't protected against shorting. Secondly, if damaged in any way (usually a dent for the typical cylinder or rectangle batteries) the anode and cathode may come in direct contact and possibly create a (MORE)

What is the difference between morale hazard and moral hazard?

In short, Moral hazard is a hazard dealing with the difference between right and wrong while a moral hazards is a hazard dealing with people's attitudes. . At length, in the world of insurance, conditions that increase the frequency and severity of a loss are considered hazards. For example, placin (MORE)

Why is using your sense of smell to identify a hazardous material putting yourself at risk of exposure?

The sense of smell is unreliable as an indicator of exposure. Some hazardous materials have no smell. Some can be smelled only at concentrations well above levels that are unacceptable for exposure. Others can be smelled at extremely low levels where there is no hazard, so relying on smell for thos (MORE)

What is the difference between hazard and disaster?

Hazard is when something can lead to a crisis or something bad, but has not yet happened. (you might come across signs saying beware, hazardous site). Disaster is when something bad has happened and is just a word that we use to describe the after effect of whatever took place. Some peoples 'disas (MORE)

Why is hazardous waste hazardous?

Hazardous waste is hazardous because it can cause damage to people, property, or the environment if not handled and disposed of properly.

What is the difference between a hygiene and a safety hazard?

There is a deal of overlap between hygiene and safety in general and therefore between hygiene and safety hazards. Broadly, a safety hazard is one for which the result is promptly noticeable and readily identifiable as to the proximate cause. For example, falling off a ladder, and the resulting inj (MORE)

What hazards of a volcano tend to be more deadly?

Pretty much everything about a volcano is deadly, but especially the ash, dust, and smoke that can suffocate you, and the extreme heat. I'm not saying that the lava itself isn't deadly, but there are other things about a volcano that can kill you. My advice: stay away from them!

What are 5 hazards of space travel?

Hazards of space travel as currently practiced by humans include: . high acceleration . weightlessness . vacuum - lack of air pressure . lack of oxygen . radiation exposure . calcium loss from the bones . fire . explosion

What is more hazardous liquids or gases?

It depends on the liquid or gas. However, certain gases, such as chlorine gas, can be very hazardous to your health, especially if inhaled because they can severely harm your mucous membranes. Overall, I'd say that gases are the most hazardous, because they can be inhaled.

What is the difference between hazard and danger?

an Hazard is any obstacle, event,practice that can cause a risk. a risk results from an hazard. for tha hazard, people are aware of it and precautions have been taken to prevent it from causing an accidentor incident. but for a danger, no precaution has been taken

What is difference between risk and hazard?

These words are slightly different in meaning but unfortunately the words themselves have a number of closely related meanings which make it difficult to pin down the difference. The following attempts at explaining the difference may explain. 1. A hazard is a dangerous object or situation. The da (MORE)

What is the between hazards and risk?

hazard is anything that has the potential to cause harm to people, equipment and the environment, while risk is consequence and likelihood that hazard has the potential to harm to people, equipment and environment.

Why is space hazardous to an astronaut?

The first and most obvious hazard is the lack of oxygen which could cause an astronaut without suitable protective clothing to suffocate. In fact space is practically a vacuum (there is virtually nothing there at all), this means that unprotected astronauts can suffer from "decompression sickness (MORE)

What are the differences between hazardous and non hazardous waste and the relationship of this to potential contamination?

Hazardous wastes are materials that are to be discarded (i.e. are wastes) but can be a danger to people or to the environment and meet the definition based on the identity of the material or on test results. If hazardous wastes are mixed with the nonhazardous wastes, the result is a hazardous waste. (MORE)

What is the term hazardous and non hazardous?

The term "hazardous" is used to refer to any material, condition, or situation that could cause injury, illness, environmental damage, death, or property damage. The term "non-hazardous" is used to describe a material, condition or situation that is thought not to be able to cause injury, illness (MORE)

What are hazardes?

Hazards are things that can be dangers, for example sticking a metal fork into an electrical outlet. (which is a stupid idea, and I don't recommend it.)

What is an example of a potential inherent hazard within a confined space?

Some of the common hazards of confined spaces include: vapor poisoning asphyxiation engulfment And thanks for OSHA's Confined spaces training, all of those hazards can be avoided. Their new program (8 hour courses) aims to make the student: Understand the scope & application of OSHA's vari (MORE)

What is the difference between a accident and a hazard?

The difference between accident and hazard are: . A person is not pre-warned about an accident. It is an unexpected or unforeseen event. But a hazard is known well in advance. For instance, if I have a culture of Ebola virus in my lab, I know that if by mistake it is released into the environme (MORE)

What are 3 earthquake hazards and how can you protect yourself from them?

1. House structural damage 2. Physical/Bodily harm 3. Vehicle damage Way on how to protect yourself from these hazards: live in an area where earthquakes are uncommon and when they occur they are weak in power and potential. Also have good car insurance, health insurance, and house insurance.

What is the difference between hazardous and flammable gas?

Capable of igniting and burning is a combustible gas. Any compressed gas meeting the requirements for lower flammability limit, flammability limit range, flame projection,etc. All flammable substances are surely combustible, but all combustible substances are not essentially flammable. .

What label would be put on a package with mass explosive hazards?

There is usually a hazard label used in chemistry that is used with hazardous materials which I believe label the "Flammability", "Toxicity", "Corrosiveness", and "Fume Hazard" along with additional labeling if the container is frail, or if the explosive can be triggered in some other way. Keep in (MORE)

What is hazards?

Hazards are dangers. Driving on an icy road is consideredhazardous, because there is a danger of sliding and crashing.