What is the hills is it really a reality tv show or a show based on a reality tv show?

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The Hills, Is not a reality show, it is reality in the way that, they are filming in real locations in public places and so on, but multiple takes are done and it is somewhat scripted, hence it not being a reality show, so it is, in response to your question a show based on eality, not a reality show
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What was the first Reality TV show?

An American Family The first television show that was considered reality TV similar to what we know today was An American Family, which aired on PBS in 1971. An American Family followed the Loud family who lived in Santa Barbara, California. The family consisted of the parents Bill and Patrici (MORE)

How do you enter for reality TV shows?

I think that if my Famley was on tv it would be a number one hit cause they own 4 big jewelry stores and have a lot of rental houses and it is always drama lol so you could just call it the hyler's

Why do people watch reality tv shows?

I am one of the fans of Reality TV Shows and I like to watch Reality TV Shows only because by watching these tv shows, we get to see special and unusual activity given by the participants of reality TV Shows. Reality TV shows us how to increase our own confidence by showing off their own talents. (MORE)

The disadvantages of reality tv show?

reality shows have made children to get on more interacted towards TV rather than understanding the real reality of life. Going on towards the extent to ruining career for sake of the reality show does not fit in my agendas atleast well, some disadvantages could be that when the show is over, every (MORE)

What is the best reality TV show?

all reality shows are fake and gay no if people would stop being so cheesey and everything being scripted then the might be bearable MIGHT.

What was India's first reality tv show?

www.albana-smurlo.com Reality shows in India date back to the Channel V's talent hunt for making of a musical band. The band of girls called Viva that emerged from this show enjoyed short-lived popularity but marked the beginning of reality shows in India. Superstar Amitabh Bachchan's Kaun Banega C (MORE)

Why are reality tv sHow is so popular with television network?

This is a prospective awnser of course but i got a few ideas:. 1. The world has become a very boring place theres not to many ideas left that havent been done already so the companys are milking it as long as possible.. 2.Other peoples problems can take you away from your own briefly. . 3.Every (MORE)

Are reality TV shows real or fake?

Most can be considered "fake". Much of the supposed antagonism and many of the feuds are scripted. The final presentations are heavily edited and show only the material that the producers choose to include. Ratings factor heavily in the outcomes.

Why do people participate in reality TV shows?

One answer I think that they do it for attention. Such as just to get famous. If they did realize what morons that they are making of themselves they would stop. Most of them only do it for the fame. I do believe that most of them are stupid, but yeahhh some are there for love and some aren't som (MORE)

What is the reality-TV show 'Big Brother' about?

Big Brother is a reality television show, where, in each series, a group of people live together in the Big Brother House, isolated from the outside world but continuously watched by television cameras. Each series lasts for around three months, and there are usually fewer than 16 participants. The (MORE)

What is the reality-TV show 'Miami Ink' about?

It is a tv show about a tattoo parlor in Miami. ran by fun different kids. Miami Ink is a show about a tatoo shop. it shows what tatoo's people gaet and the meaning behind them. the tatooists in Miami ink are Kat von D, Ami James, Chris Nunez, Darren Brass, Chris Garver and the apprenatce Yoji. : (MORE)

What was the first reality tv cooking show?

In 1955 Fanny recorded a pilot for what became a very successful BBC television series on cookery. Each year the BBC published a booklet giving a detailed account of each recipe Fanny demonstrated, allowing her to say in later years: "You'll find that recipe in the booklet, so I won't show you now." (MORE)

What is the reality TV show Project Runway about?

Project runway is a reality TV show that seeks to find the next top fashion designer. Through the competition, undiscovered fashion designers are given challenges in regards to creating outfits based on a theme, person or famous designer's work. They are paired with runway models, who showcase their (MORE)

How do you go be in the reality tv show in poptropica?

1. You go talk to the man reading a magazine in the super market. 2. You get the magazine by walking on it an then go to the motel. 3. You examine the magazine and rip of the paper so you can be on the TV. 4. You touch the pens in the basket on the table to get one pen so you can wright on (MORE)

How do you beat the show on Reality TV Island?

The only sure way to win is to place first on all the challenges, or get lucky when you don't. Avoid Losing Arbitrary Challenges If you are on Geyser Guess, or the game "cheats" on On The Line, simply close your browser and reboot Poptropica . You can then return to the island at the beginning (MORE)

How many reality TV shows are there on TV at the momet?

Most people will tell you that there are FAR TOO MANY!! They should all be put on one channel for those people who love this kind of entertainment, and free up the space with some seriously intelligent TV or great movies and documentaries.

How do you get onto the reality TV show on Poptropica?

1.) Go to the grocery store and run into the person with the magazine. They will give it to you. 2.) Go to the office of the motel and get a pen. 3.) Get the number for the Pizza Place from the Tabloid: it's 555-PETE. Tell the pizza place you want it delivered to motel room 4B. 4.) Go outside. Yo (MORE)

How do you get on the TV show on reality TV island?

On Reality TV Island, you get an application for the TV show, fill it out, and mail it in. In doing so, you meet a previous contestant, the supposedly "famous" Bucky Lucas. To apply for the show : . Go to Mike's Market and move right to the magazines. Get the dropped issue and remove the applic (MORE)

What do you do to get on the show on Reality TV Island?

Get an application for the TV show, fill it out, and mail it in. In doing so, you meet a previous contestant, the supposedly "famous" Bucky Lucas. To apply for the show : . Go to Mike's Market and move right to the magazines. Get the dropped issue and remove the application form. . Go to the T (MORE)

How do you get the TV show application on Reality TV Island?

Talk to the guy at Mike's Market, who will drop the magazine. Flip through it and tear out the application form. You will need the address (TV store), a pen (motel office), and a stamp. You can get one from Bucky Lucas if you order a pizza for room 4-B.

How can you boycott reality TV shows?

Easiest way is by not watching it lol. Actually I boycott this way all reality TV shows. I even didn't know about most of them. Although I love spoofs on some of them. Once I watched "Burning Love" that is spoof on Bachelor/orette and the spoof was hilarious. The original reality show I've never see (MORE)

How do you fill out the application slip for the show in Reality TV Island?

u get the application slip at the store on the right side then u click on the guy and he drops it. then u pick it up, and the application is inside. u rip it out go to the hotel thing and call 555-PETE. then when it asks u where u want it delivered u say 4G. get a pen then u go outside and this lady (MORE)

Bad points of reality tv shows?

The bad points of reality TV is some of he things in it like drugs violence and drinking. Some people look at it like this is America and the type of influence it has on people and how they should liv. It also shows just how ignorant people are when a camera is put in front of them

How do you get on reality show tv in poptropica?

go into the shop and say hi to the guy next to the dounts and get the thin he was reading and press next then write why you want to be on tv and go in the hotel and press the phone and dial in 555 7383 and go out side and get the pizza to room 4b and go inside and ask for the stamp

Do reality TV shows have dangerous actions?

Some realty TV shows have dangerous activities, others do not. Each show is different. All reality shows have the participants sign waivers so if they are hurt while filming the show, the producers or network will not be held responsible, to avoid lawsuits in case someone is hurt or dies.

Which reality TV show is the best of them all?

While individual tastes may differ, the two leaders of reality television of all time are: Survivor - which is going into its 22nd season and continued to garner killer rating and industry praise. Amazing Race - which continues to garner awards and critical praise for technical work and the shear g (MORE)

What is TV reality shows?

As the name depicts TV reality show is a non fiction TV show that is not based on any scripts and dialogues. But the reality shows these days are scripted too.

Is Psychic Kids a reality television show?

Psychic Kids is a television show that profiles children who have psychic abilities. The kids are teamed up with experts who help them understand and decipher what they are experiencing.

What are the requirements to go on a reality tv show?

you go into the store and you see a man reading a paper click him and he will say reality tv iland i going to start and drops the paper you pic it up and look at it and something falls out then you see also a number you go to that plae pick up a pen and click the phone call 555925 that should be it (MORE)

What is meant by reality TV shows?

Reality TV shows are TV shows that are not "scripted". This means that the dialogue and scenes depicted on the shows actually happen in real life and are not simulations, henceforth, "reality".

How do you write article about 'reality TV' shows?

Tabloids and magazines aer overrun with articles about Realitytelevisions shows. Considering the wide variety and sheer volumenof reality TV out there, there are a lot of options. The best start is to focus on a particular aspect of the shows thatis news or noteworthy and then work from there. Star (MORE)

Is siberia a reality tv show?

The television show Siberia is a fictional reality show. The show has 16 fictional characters trying to survive in Siberian territory of a fictional county. They are portraying a reality show.

What is real about reality tv shows?

Is what real or phony? All reality shows or do you have one inmind. All have drama incorporated in some way, viewers would getbored quickly without it. Some are more phony than others, usuallyyou can tell. If you find yourself saying "no way" alot during ashow it probably is a good indicator that in (MORE)