What is the history of Indian banking?

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Refer to The Link en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Banking_in_India
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Brief history about axis bank?

Axis Bank opened in 1994, shortly after private banks were allowedin India. It is now the third-largest private bank in India.

Is ICICI Bank an Indian bank?

Yes, ICICI Bank is an Indian bank headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. As of 2011, the Bank has a network of 2,533 branches and 6,601 ATMs in India, and has a presence in 19

History of banking in the Philippines?

A look back at the history of Philippines banking reveals a developmental role assigned to the banking system and a common pattern of frailty in the face of adverse shocks. Ce

What is the history of citi bank?

Citibank was founded in the year 1812 as "City Bank of New York" and was owned and managed by "Moses Taylor" one of the giants of the business world in the 19 th century. In

-details of icici bank with its history?

ICICI Bank is the largest private sector bank in India. It has over 2000 branches and 5200 ATMS all over India serving thousands of customers across India. They are also one o

What is the history of the Federal Reserve banks?

The history of banking in the United States is characterized by a tension between a reluctance to give the federal government control over monetary policy and the concept of F

What is the history of the national commercial banks?

The first incorporated commercial bank in North America was opened in Philadelphia on 7 January 1782, one week after the Continental Congress had granted a perpetual charter t

What is the history of the state commercial banks?

Among the first institutions created by the administration of President George Washington was the Bank of the United States. Washington's Secretary of the Treasury, Alexander
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Is there any history about Bank of America?

Yes. Bank of America has a lot of history. Some key events in its history are: . It was founded in the year 1904 as Bank of Italy . In 1922 it became Bank of America and It
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Is HDFC bank is Indian bank?

There are two banks in India that have these names. HDFC Bank is a private bank whereas Indian Bank is a government bank. So, if you are asking if they are one and the same, t