What is the history of a General McAuliffe World War 2 plaque or trivet?

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My father was in 101st in Bastogne and was givin a plaque with the same description (Germans on one side, parratrooper on other side; approx a 6" brass plaque with the words "nuts" and "Bastogne" on the bottom). As much as I can remember he said that it was given to him by the people of the town as a token. His name was S. Lee Savage from Indiana.  I have a plaque that I paid for when I was in Bastogne. I was in the 609td Destroyer. This plaque I bought from the man who made it,in the back it shows where it was made its patent. it was made in Couvin.  I am familiar with the history of this plaque, and what it signifies. On December 22, the situation at Bastogne was grim. The city was surrounded. Rifle ammunition and food were in short supply, and artillery ammunition stocks were so low that each gun was rationed to only a few rounds per day. Despite this, morale in the city was high. It was known that reinforcements from Patton were enroute to lift the siege. Morale was also kept high by the presence of the 101st Airborne division, who held the city.
The city was controlled by Brig. Gen. Anthony McAuliffe, acting CO of the 101st. Just before noon on the 22nd, two German officers and two enlisted men delivered an ultimatum under flag of truce. It read in part:
"To the USA Commander of the encircled town of Bastogne: The fortune of war is changing. This time strong German armored units have encircled the USA forces in and near Bastogne ... There is only one possibility to save the encircled USA troops from total annihilation; that is the honorable surrender of of the encircled town ...
If this proposal is rejected, one German Artillery Corps and six heavy AA Batallions are ready to annihilate USA troops ... all the serious civilian losses caused by this artillery fire would not correspond with the well-known American humanity..." -The German Commander
After reading the surrender demand McAuliffe said "Ah Nuts!" and dropped the surrender demand on the floor. Some time later McAuliffe was reminded that the German messengers were still waiting for a reply.
"What should I tell them?" McAuliffe asked his staff/
"That first remark of yours would be hard to beat, General." Remarked an officer.
Later, an amused American Colonel named Harper delivered McAuliffe's official response.
"To the German Commander: Nuts!" - The American Commander.
Although fluent in English, the German officer was unable to understand the reply. When asked if the response meant yes or no, Colonel Harper replied:
"If you don't understand what "nuts" means, in plain English it is the same as "go to hell" - and I will tell you something else, if you continue to attack we will kill every German that tries to break into this city."
To this the German officer merely saluted and replied, "We will kill many Americans..."
Without thinking at all, Colonel Harper responded "On your way bud, and good luck to you!" Harper could never explain what could possibly have possessed him to wish the Germans good luck...
Despite the continued fighting Bastogne received its promised air drop the following day, December 23rd, and the siege was lifted on December 26th.
An interesting and amusing piece of WW2 trivia.  Note: there are several different versions of this plaque floating around. There is the standard round version with the made in Couvin Belgium imprint on the back and the word "patent." Of this version, there is one with no border, and another with an accented border. There is also an octagonal version of this plaque that was probably manufactured later and sold to GI's during the reconstruction period. This version has NO marks on the back.
Also note, there are several other plaques around that are harder to find: Several from Maastricht Holland celebrating its liberation, and a plaque celebrating the capitulation of Germany at the little red school house in France. I am a collector with an interest in liberation memorabilia. If anyone has additional information or would like to talk... email me at joe_melissa1@sbcglobal.net. JOE
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What is the significance of World War 2 in history?

well, it offered women's rights more, and more women worked from then at least, in the USA. also, the war pulled the allies more closer together, like us and the Britain because they were in real danger when we halped them. but not soviet union (cold war). hope u like my answer!!!! :) Answer also (MORE)

Who were the Axis generals of World War 2?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nThe most famous axis generals (german) were : Von Brauchwits, Erwin Rommel, Von Zangen, Guderian (tank general), Kesselring, Model, Keitel, Jodl, Manstein, and the famous of all may be Von Rundstedt. Go to THE GERMAN GENERALS on the internet.\nOf course there were many m (MORE)

Who were Japanese generals in World War 2?

Here is a few generals: Imperial Japanese Army: GEN Homma (nick-named "The Tiger of Manila") GEN Ushijima-Battle of Okinawa GEN Kuribayashi-Battle of Iwo Jima GEN Hyakutake-Battle of Guadalcanal Japanese Imperial Navy: ADM Tanaka (The Razer) ADM Kusaka ADM Tsukahara

How did World War 2 impact history?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nThat's more of a topic for a book than a brief discussion on this forum. In short, there was quite a bit of attitude change after the Holocaust. The Jews wanted their own sovereign nation and it ended up being Israel when England gave them some unwanted land. Of course THA (MORE)

Who were the US generals in World War 2?

Some of the best-known U.S. generals included: Dwight D. Eisenhower Omar Bradley Douglas MacArthur George Marshall George S. Patton, Jr. Henry Arnold Carl Spaatz Mark W. Clark Among the best-known Naval Admirals were: Chester Nimitz William Halsey Jr. Frank Jack Fletcher Ernest K (MORE)

Why was World War 2 the worst war in the world's history?

no war is ever good!there are serveral reasons as to why ww2 was the most horrific,from hitlers obssesion of world domination to the Holocaustand the loss of so many brave soldiers lifes of all nations that payed the ultimate sacrife to protect us from tyrany,and to give us the freedom we have today (MORE)

Who was the Russian General in World War 2?

There were several generals. If you look in WWII books you can usually find it no problem, but it's hard to find online. So I'd pick up the nearest encyclopedia and look it up, since I can't answer your question right off the top of my head.. One was Zhukov, I think . General Snow, General Mud, an (MORE)

Who were the leading generals in world war 2?

German - Rommel British - Montgomery American - Patton Soviet - Konstantin Rokossovskiy German - Erich von Manstein British - Slim AMERICAN- Macarthur 10. Heinz Guderian 9. Isoroku Yamamoto 8. Gerd von Rundstedt 7. Erwin Rommel 6. Georgy K. Zhukov 5. Vasily I. Chuikov 4. Kons (MORE)

How Did World War 2 Change History?

It made all people that lived in Pearl Harbor feel bad and they were mostly dead.We now are loving Hawaii and the Japanese are not bombing perl harbor.

Who are famous World War 2 generals?

US - General Dwight David "Ike" Eisenhower, General Douglas MacArthur, General George Smith Patton, Jr, General Omar Bradley, General George Catlett Marshall, Jr. UK - Field Marshal Bernard Law "Monty" Montgomery Germany - Field Marshal Erwin Johannes Eugen Rommel "the desert fox", Field Marshal Ger (MORE)

Who is the best World War 2 General?

Probably Dwight Eisenhower of the US Army whose diplomatic skills were important in keeping the battles in Europe on track. George C. Marshall, Alexander Vandergrift, Bernard Montgomery and Georgi Zhukov would also appear on many lists of the top ten. Patton, Bradley, "Bomber" Harris, Gavin, Ridgway (MORE)

How did World War 2 shape history?

It showed that Nazis can take over a small country and take over most of a continent. It showed that Nazis can take over a small country and take over most of a continent.

How has World War 2 changed History?

55 million people died in ww2 that billions of people without a father brother mother sister and friend. many heroes have been born during ww2 many battles have happend were thousands of guys watched there best friend die look at the battle of iwo jima look at the battle of the bulge look at the tho (MORE)

Did World War 2 have the greatest impact on World History?

Realistically it depends on how you look at it........certainly battle had never been waged on that kind of scale before......there were many weapons used which had never been seen before..........the fropping of the bombs on hiroshima and nagasaki...........but no......it did not have the greatest (MORE)

History about World War 2?

well it was a beautiful December morning on December 7th 1941 on pearl harbor until gun shots were here by marine boats and they saw 9,000th japanesse aircrafts theaircrafts started shooting the Americans fought back but many didnt survive and they didnt win. the damage the japs caused was 2 battles (MORE)

How did world war 2 impact on church history?

The impact of World War II upon church history can be seen as bothpositive and negative. On one hand, it brought out remarkablecourage in many religious persons, with representatives ofdifferent religious organizations contributing to the fight againstNazi and Japanese tyranny. On the other hand, re (MORE)

How did World War 2 change the course of history?

I suppose WW2 impacted on as many peoples lives, for a substantial period, as anything in history. I don't really know where history was going before WW2 diverted it, so to speak. Few indeed were unaffected by it in one way or another, it was much more of a global conflict than WW1, largely because (MORE)

History of the Bevin boys in World War 2?

Named after Ernest Bevin the minister of labour in WW2. These were conscripted into work in the Coal Mines rather than military enlistment. The war work done by these men was indispensable to the British war effort.

Who are the famous generals of world war 2?

Gyorgi Zhukov - USSR. Erwin Rommel - Germany. Charles De Gaulle - France. Bernard Montgomery - UK. Dwight Eisenhower - USA. George Patton - USA. Admiral Yamamoto - Japan

Why was World War 2 the deadliest war in history?

It was due to so many combatants and number of countries fighting . At the peak of the war in 1942-43 over 38 countries with a combined population of 1.2 billion, had 48 million people under arm in the conflict.. This, combined with new technology and the ruthlessness of Hitler, Stalin, Chang Kei S (MORE)

Who were the american generals in World War 2?

Gen. John C. Marshall Gen. Dwight D. Eisenhower Gen. Douglas MacArthur Gen. Omar Bradley Gen. Mark Wayne Clark Gen. George S. Patton Jr. Gen. Henry Arnold (Airforce) Lt. Gen. Ira Clarence Eaker (Airforce) Gen. Carl Spaatz (Airforce)

Who was a famous world war 2 general?

Some well known ww2 generals are listed here: American:General MacArthur,Patton,Eisenhower,Marshall,and Bradley. British:General Montgomery,Alexander,and Brooke. French:General De Gaulle,and De Tassingy. Soviet Union:General Zhukov,and Rokossovsky. Australia:General Blamey,and White. Canada:General (MORE)

Who where the major generals of World War 2?

There are many: Eisenhower, Patton, Bradley, Marshall, MacArthur, Vandergriff, Fredenhall, MacAuliffe, Brereton, among many more of the US. Montgomery, Alexander, Wavell, Auchinleck, Horrocks, Brooke, of UK. Significant Germans include: Rundstedt, Manstein, Rommel, Guderian, Bock, von Arnim. Russian (MORE)

Brief history of World War 2?

World War II is a complex event in history with a number of factorsinvolved in its origination and end. The war was fought between theAllied and Axis forces, resulting in an Allied victory. Please seethe related links until a more thorough answer is provided.

Who was the best general of World War 2?

It would be of 3 men General Eisenhower, General Montgomery or General Patton even though he was seen as a bit of a rebel still led the American army towards Berlin during the war but I would go with Patton still since he was able to move the army so quickly through France towards Germany.

What was the history of World War 2 in America?

before we came into the war. America would send weapons to Britain France and russia for cash. And When we asked japan to stop attacking china. They refused, in response. we stopped sending them oil. And then japan attacked us on December 7 1941 at pearl harbor. Then Germany and Italy declared war o (MORE)

The generals of America in World War 2?

There were several thousand of them. The most illustrious, and one hardly heard of today, was General George C. Marshall. Marshall became commanding general (Chief of Staff) of the US Army September 3, 1939, two days after Nazi tanks rolled into Poland starting WWII. He inherited an an army which wa (MORE)

Was World War 2 the biggest war in history?

World War 2 was the biggest and costliest war in terms of casualties. 71 million people people died in that war. I believe if you added up all the expenses of every country involved in the war it was the most expensive war too. It also cost billions of dollars to repair all the nations too.

How World War 2 is a example for history repeating itself?

WWII is not an example of history repeating itself because history never repeats its self. There is no way to have the exact same conditions on any given day in order to show that history can in fact repeat. History can also not repeat because time moves linearly and forward and thus there is no way (MORE)

Was general haig general in World War 1 or World War 2?

British Field Marshal Haig commanded the BEF (British Expeditionary Force) in France for about the last three years of WWI. Lloyd George, in particular, detested Haig, but could not sack him because Haig was a favorite of the King.

Why is World War 2 important in history?

ww2 was the darkest war in world history and if we do not learn an important lesson from it's villinous blot on world history what's to stop it happening again;? who will be the next victims christians...Muslims...whites? blacks? before ww2 no one would have thaught that a villan such as Hitler wo (MORE)

Names of World War 2 generals?

German: Rommel, Manstein, Guderian, Paulus. British: Montgomery, Slim, Wavell. Russian: Zhukov, Rokossovskii. American: McArthur, Patton, Bradley. Japanese: Kimura, Yamashita.

Who were three generals in World War 2?

Dwight D. Eisenhower was the General over all of the European Theater of Operations. He had Field Marshal Montgomery and General Bradley under him. The Soviet Union had General Georgy Zhukov. The Nazis had a ton of generals but their most popular one was General Erwin Rommel. I can't even spell any (MORE)

Which presiddent was the World War 2 general?

no ofence but the person to ask this is dumb a presidant can not be a military genaral and you called it the world war two genaral therewas many more than one there was multaple for man contries

Why is World War 2 considered to be a turning point in history?

World War 2 was the largest, most destructive and deadliest war in the world. It changed people, nations, global relations and the geography of the world. . The world was ushered into the nuclear age and the Cold War began. . People were never the same again after that war. Some people never recov (MORE)

Why was World War 2 by far the bloodiest war in history?

This was a global conflict either directly or indirectly involved most North African, European, Pacific, Eastern Asian, and North American countries. In total anywhere from 50-70 Million people were killed by means of the Holocaust, Carpet Bombing, being in the wrong place at the wrong time, or in c (MORE)

Why was World War 2 the most deadliest war in history?

World War II was one of the most horribly terrible wars the world has ever seen. More than six million innocent European Jews were killed just because of their religion. Approximately 30,447,000 civilians were killed, along with 24,517,000 military personnel. WWII was the first war that had more civ (MORE)

How old were Generals in World War 2?

James Gavin , Co of the 82 Airborne was only 36 when promoted General, some British tank commander generals may have been younger. most generals were in their 40's or even 50's.

What is the World War 2 generation called?

Tom Brokaw was walking the Normany beach about 30 years ago, and talked to a number of the soldiers who had invaded the Normany beaches 40 years before. He wrote a book called " The Greatest Generation ", because these people had grown up during the Great Depression, then fought during the Great War (MORE)