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What is the history of the former Carson C Peck Memorial Hospital in Brooklyn New York?

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I worked in Brooklyn in the late seventies delivering oxygen for the Holmes medical company and Carson Peck Hospital was on my route. The place was scary and looked like something from a slasher movie series back then. The lobby had wonderful stained glass and marble everywhere. We accessed the building from the loading dock and rolled the 200 lb. oxygen tanks into an old fashioned fright elevator with a gate you closed and a power handle to make the thing ascend. The wards were filled with REALLY REALLY old people back then all dressed in white (it was a nursing home then) The nurses still wore starched white uniforms and it really seemed like a forgotten planet in the middle of Brooklyn. I will tell you the grounds were beautiful with real oak and elm trees on the property. The Hospital building was in the middle of the property on a small hill, all brick and granite. I was always amazed that no smart boy developer hadn't grabbed it up or that the Hassidic community hadn't bought the property. If I ever had to move back to Brooklyn with 75 million dollars I would buy that property.

From Mike Conway January 4, 2012

When the nursing home closed, it became a Kosher Hotel which was not successful. The building was demolished. The spacious property now includes a girl's yeshiva and town houses. BTW, the hospital was built in 1906. Peck was a newspaper publisher.
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