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it's the blue hypergiants, like Eta Carinae and R136a1, which are probably the hottest stars in the Universe. These are estimated to be around 40,000 degrees Kelvin.
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What is the hottest thing in the universe?

The hottest thing that exists in the universe is not a quasar  (super-luminous sources in distant massive galaxies), simply  because a quasar is not giving off immense heat

Is the sun the hottest thing in the universe?

No. Our sun is very hot, but not as much as some other stars. The surface temperature of our sun is around 5500 to 6000 degrees Kelvin, about the same in °C. The inner core t

What is the hottest star?

The hottest stars are those that appear bluish, such as Sirius. Cygnus OB2-12 is a very bright blue hypergiant that lies between 5,000-6,000 light-years from Earth. It is

Are the red stars the hottest stars?

Red stars are the coolest. They are usually between 3,000-6,000 degrees Fahrenheit. They include Proxima Centauri (4.2 light-years from Earth) and Betelgeuse (350-650 light-ye

What is the color of stars from coolest to hottest?

The coolest star is red; then yellow; then blue. Like on a fire, the bottom of the fire is really hot so its blue. In the middle of a fire, its mostly yellow. Then, on top, it

What color is the hottest star in space?

Blue Then white than yellow than red. The coolest live the longest though. The hottest are bigger that the cooler ones. When the blue ones die they turn into black holes. The

Where is the hottest place in the universe?

Well in our solar system, the sun, but we cant get to the end of  the universe yet. So in our solar system the sun, but it is  impossible to know. By the way, when a superno

Is the sun the hottest star in the universe?

NO, the Sun is not the hottest star. The hottest stars are the blue and white ones. The Sun is a medium sized star. The reason we find it so hot is because it is the nearest s
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What color are the hottest star?

The hottest stars are O type stars (aka Blue Giants) which have a temperature of greater than 30,000 kelvin and will have a colour of, as the name suggests, blue! The hottes