What is the ideal swimming pool temperature if you have 30-34 Celsius outside air temperature?

30C-34C is about 86F-93F! That temp will generally feel too warm for most people in a pool. A better temp that would suit more people would be around 27C-29C or 80F-84F. The (MORE)

What is the ideal temperature for a home swimming pool?

First, I will say that the temperature will vary depending on theperson(s) using the pool. Some people are more comfortable incooler or warmer water than others and it certain (MORE)

What is the common temperature for swimming pools?

Answer . There are really no common temperatures for swimming pools, because it really depends on where you live. If you have a swimming pool in Florida and then one in Mon (MORE)
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What is stander swimming pools temperature?

Depends on what you use the swimming pool for. If you just want to swim laps I find people like the water around 80, if you just want to splash around then it tends to be kept (MORE)