What is the ideal swimming pool temperature if you have 30-34 Celsius outside air temperature?

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30C-34C is about 86F-93F! That temp will generally feel too warm for most people in a pool.
A better temp that would suit more people would be around 27C-29C or 80F-84F. The water will still feel warm but still be refreshing when you're swimming.
I think for 30-34 degree centigrade ambient temperature, the pool temperature should be around 81 F (approx. 27 degree C). This will make body feel fresh.
For a ambient temperature of around 25 degree C and below, the pool temperature should be slightly higher at 30 - 32 deg C.  
I run a health club and have always had my pools at the following:
Depending on the water temp the ambient temperature should be 1 degree higher. Ideally the pool should be 29 - 30 with an ambient temp of 31 degrees
You don't really want pool water any higher than 30 as it starts to cause problems with the water.
Higher temps will increase evaporation - causing the amount of dissolved solids to increase, it also means the disinfectant will be burnt off and the total alkalinity will also increase - this will cause all the pipes to fur up just like a kettle does.
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What is the ideal temperature for a home swimming pool?

First, I will say that the temperature will vary depending on theperson(s) using the pool. Some people are more comfortable incooler or warmer water than others and it certainly depends on howwarm the air temperature is. That being said, most people will findthat a pool temp less than 70F to be some (MORE)

Do outdoor pools have thermostats that are controlled by air temperature?

%DETAILS%. Answer . No. It would be very uncommon for a thermostat to determine whether to turn the pool heater on based on the outdoor AIR temperature. All pool thermostats monitor the WATER temperature. \n. \nIn this way, they keep the water at a predetermined temperature (just like your hou (MORE)

What is the maximum safe pool temperature for swimming and exercising?

\n\n According to\nthe British Swimming Association on hypo- and hyperthermia, physical exertion\nand water temperature, it is indicated that a swimmer is unlikely to suffer\nheat stroke in water at 37°C (98.6°F). This suggests facilities with leisure\npools should be able to operate legally (MORE)

At what temperature do you restart a swimming pool?

Answer . I guess you are asking about daily air temperature. Once the surface has melted, the only concern is the above ground pipes freezing. If you leave the pump running all the time, the chance of freezing is very low.

What is too cold a pool temperature for safe swimming?

please refer to wiki entries regarding hypothermia and definition of comfort Really just depends on the person. Anything below 22C is too cold for me. The official FINA (world swimming organization) standards are that a competition pool should be 25-28 °C (77-82 °F). 25°C will feel q (MORE)

How do you maintain an outside saltwater pool when the temperature outside gets down to the single digits?

Answer . The water is going to have a lower freeze point but when the air temperature get down to 32 degrees you have to have the system circulating. Once you get to the single digits all bets are off as far as freeze damage. The salt generator will only make chlorine if the water temperature is (MORE)

What is the common temperature for swimming pools?

Answer . There are really no common temperatures for swimming pools, because it really depends on where you live. If you have a swimming pool in Florida and then one in Montana, each of their temperatures is going to be different. It depends on where you live and how hot or cold it is outside.

How does a pools temperature affect someones swimming ability?

If the water is cold enough it can cause a persons muscles to tighten making it more difficult to swim. . If the water is too warm your muscles loosen and you can become overheated and get tired. The average pool temperature for competitive swimming is 78F

Is impregnation possible in public swimming pools at proper temperatures?

No, Chlorine kills sperm. Urine kills sperm as well, the purpose of precum is to lower the acidity enough during sexual penetration so that the sperm can survive long enough for impregnation. (A pool would have to have neutral PH levels to survive any period of time.) There is a reason ma (MORE)

What effect does the outside temperature sensor have on controlling the air conditioning?

As long as the a/c compressor is on (the amber light with snowflake symbol), air is cooled as it moves through the system. The outside air temperature together with the inside car temperature and the input from the sunlight load detector (in center of dash under windshield) determines how much, if a (MORE)

What temperature is equal to 5c?

C: 278.15K When you are finding the value of temperatureCelsius in Kelvin, add 273.15k to the Celsius temperature to obtainthe value of Kelvin. It is also 41 F.

What is the temperature of the pool water in international swimming competitions such as the Olympics?

From Wikipieda... An Olympic sized swimming pool (first used at the 1924 Olympics) is a pool that meets FINA's additional standards for the Olympic Games and for world championship events. It must be 50 m (~164 feet) in length by 25 m (~82 feet) wide, divided into eight lanes of 2.5 m (~8.2 feet) (MORE)

What is the best temperature for a swimming pool?

Best? For comfort? That answer is different for everyone. It's like how hot do you like your shower. As far as for quality of water, a warmer pool can be just a clean it will just take more sanitizer to do the job.

What temperature will algae stop growing in swim pools?

Algae will grow in temperatures from approx 5 to 40 degrees Celsius(approx 40 to 100 Fahrenheit). It does depend on which specifictypes of algae, as well as the colony size, but this is the generaltemperature tolerance for growth of algae.

What is outside air temperature in an aircraft?

There are two types of air temperature measurements on aircraft, Ram Air Temperature and Static Air Temperature. (slower aircraft don't normally have RAT gages) Ram Air Temperature, sometimes known as Total Air Temperature, is the air temperature outside the aircraft increased by the heat resultin (MORE)

How might outside air temperature affect calorie burning?

Well, when the temperature is hot, you sweat and you lose a lot more weight than in cold temperature. When the temperature is warm, you need to save up your body temperature and eat more.Even if you swim when it is hot out, you lose weight. When you eat a lot of food, you obviously get fatter and it (MORE)

At What outside temperature can you not charge an air conditioner unit?

There are many variables but it usually needs to be 70 degrees F. Temperature inside the house has some effect. Depending on the unit you might be able to charge it in the 60s but it gets more difficult, it takes longer and you may not get it to the correct pressures. Technically you can calculate h (MORE)

What is an unsafe temperature to swim in an outdoor swimming pool?

Under 50 degrees is dangerous since at those temperatures, your core body temperature can drop too low too quickly. This is called cold shock, which can cause a heart attack or unconsciousness which can lead to drowning. In the summer, having the water feel somewhat cool is refreshing, but care shou (MORE)

What would be the temperature outside during a blizzard in Celsius?

A blizzard (defined as heavy blowing or falling snow with reduced visibility) can form at any temperature below freezing (and in some cases a few degrees above freezing.) Normally extreme cold temperatures tend to reduce snowfall without adaquate moisture but then in that case you get more small i (MORE)

What is stander swimming pools temperature?

Depends on what you use the swimming pool for. If you just want to swim laps I find people like the water around 80, if you just want to splash around then it tends to be kept a bit warmer, around 86.but anywhere from 80 to 88 is normal, mostly depends on you.

Is there a minimum temperature of an indoor swimming pool?

Everything has a minimum temperature including all swimming pools. If you mean minimum usable temperature, that would depend entirely on the person using the pool. Most people think 68 degree water temp is too cold to swim in, but I have gone swimming in outdoor pools with water temp in the mid 30 (MORE)

What was the outside temperature at 500 pm Celsius?

That depends on where you are, what season it is, and the day today temperature fluctuations. Temperature at 5pm tends to beslightly lower than the midday temperature -- it is just beginningto cool off for the night.