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What is the impact of compensation and benefits on employee performance?

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When you get hired for a job compensation and benefits are already in place at certain pay gradesdepending on the employer. If you transfer from a job you can ask for a certain rate of pay and whatever benefit packages they have you choose from. Depending on your job you can command a certain pay and benefit package, those are very lucrative jobs. The benefit package offered at alot of jobs is worth alot. Even though you may not see it in a pay check. For example, my husbands joy(a city job) has benefits that add up to $9,000./year for a family of 3. We only pay $1,800.00 per year in deductions and the insurance is out of this world. Employers that have fewer employees that package would not be the same because the insurance pool would be low. Whenthere are 30,000 employees, the insurance would be better because those 30,000 people split the cost of the insurance among them. If a company has 10 employees and want insurance they would pay lots more out a year than we would. The employees performance is also graded on a scale fromlets say 1-10 if your evaluation is high then you would command the top part of the percentage of the raise range, if not you would get less.
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