What is the impact of human activity on the natural environment?

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The human activity is the political of the natural environmental.
The human activity is the socio cultural of the of the human element of the environment.
They are all environment.
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How do humans impact the environment?

Humans impact the environment mostly in negative ways. Some ofwhich included the cutting of trees, the burning of coal, and thepollution set from cars & factories. Cutting trees deprives thesociety from oxygen. Burning of coal and gas from factories andcars release toxic chemicals that harm the ozone layer. or nah

What are some human activities that have a negative impact on the environment?

Human Activities - Negative Impact . burning garbage, dumping garbage/chemicals etc. mining, chopping down forests, pollution, etc

How do human activities affect the natural environment?

Human and natural activity can affect the earth and its environment in many different ways here are some of them: · Plastic is not decomposable and making plastics and other decomposable wastes causes landfill which can cause pollution of the local environment such as contamination of groundwater. · Radioactive waste produced by nuclear power stations can be dangerous in cases of radioactive contamination of a human body through ingestion, inhalation, absorption, or injection. Sea-based burial has caused damage such as it could leak and cause widespread damage. Dumping of radioactive waste from ships has also caused contamination of islands in the Pacific. · Deforestation, the destroying of forests, results from the removal of trees without replacing them. Deforestation could result in the depletion of the renewable resource wood and various organisms' habitats. The photograph to the right is a NASA satellite observation of deforestation near Rio Branco in Brazil. About half of the mature tropical forests, between 750 to 800 million hectares of the original 1.5 to 1.6 billion hectares that once covered the planet have fallen. Throughout most of history, humans have considered forest clearing as necessary for most activities. · Overfishing is another activity that could cause the depletion of a natural resource. Most of the problems associated with overfishing have been caused in the last 50 years by the rapid advances in fishing technology. Overfishing can occur in any body of water from a pond to the oceans. Deliberately underfishing to increase long term fish stocks has been proposed as a way fisherman can maximize their yields in the long run.. · Large amounts of greenhouse gases being produced, such as carbon dioxide, are causing our planet to get warmer. These gases allow sunlight to enter the atmosphere freely. When sunlight strikes the Earth's surface, some of it is reflected back towards space as infrared radiation but greenhouse gases absorb this infrared radiation and trap the heat in the atmosphere causing global warming. Global warming is melting the ice caps causing the ocean level of our planet to increase, this causes flooding in many different areas of our planet.

How does the natural environment influence the human activity on an snow island?

The natural environment can influence the human activity on a snow island by causing people to ski or sled and probably cause them to have a small amount of food.

Is the environment being harmed more by human activity than natural disasters?

environment is more harmed by human doings than natural disasters becoz u can c in india as its a land of rivers the conditions of these rivers r deteriorating like ganga , yamuna.

How does human activity make a positive impact on the environment?

Positive human impacts are generally limited to undoing problemshumans have caused in the first place. At one time "positiveimpacts" were thought to be changing land which was just wastefullybeing "natural" into productive farms or cities. Activities which improve damaged eco-systems include: . Ecosystems are reinstated . Pollution discharges are eliminated . Species are bred and released . Foreign species are eliminated . Accumulations of contaminated sediments are removed . We exhale some carbon dioxide which assists green plants insurvival . Our assistance in natural selection (culling) in some wildherds yield a less negative gene pool . The protected species laws assist in avoiding extinction . Use of new and different energy forms reduce pollution . Composting puts nutrients back into the earth, where theyoriginally come from . "Re-greening" areas which have been subject todesertification . Reforestation of native lands . We breed endangered animals, yes some are kept in zoos andenclosures but others are bred and set free into the wild, in orderfor them to be able to breed more freely and get their numbersup. . We may obtain information and act in an informed way . Recycling ALL wastes is a Great First Step towardsunderstanding the Problems We Face. . Leave it alone. . Set it up as a National Park. . Don't allow hunting or mining. Our changes to the environment can actually benefit severalspecies. For example, we are extending the range of some species bychanging the ecosystem.

How do human and natural activity affect the Earth and its environment?

Human activity is having a noticeable impact on the environment. One example (out of many) is the amount of energy the average American uses every day - the electricity in the house to run everything from the fridge to the radio, the energy to heat water for a shower, the energy to pump water and circulate air through the heating or cooling systems, gasoline for the vehicle to get to work or school and home, etc. All of this energy has to come from somewhere, and in the United States the vast majority of electricity is derived from burning fossil fuels, either coal or natural gas. Gasoline is made out of fossil fuel as well. Extracting the fossil fuels takes a major toll on the environment - the waste products can contaminate the local and regional environment for decades. In addition, burning these fossil fuels releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, which is directly linked to global warming. Natural activities also affect the environment of the Earth, but in general the region is better able to adapt to these changes without disrupting the web of life. An example of this is a volcanic eruption, which can throw thousands of tons of particulate matter into the atmosphere and temporarily cool the atmospheric temperature. Over time, the ash and lava layer that settles over the landscape will be covered with new plant and animal life. Humans affect the Earth and its environment in a few ways. Humanscause pollution, deforestation, urbanization, and the extinction ofanimals.

The impact a tornado can have on the natural environment?

A tornado can effect the environment in many ways like tearing up trees, house's and many more also lift's up anything in it's path then throws it in any direction it wants :)

What is the impact of a tornado on the natural environment?

A tornado can damage or destroy trees and other plants, destroy habitats, and kill or injure animals.

What is the impact of an earthquake on the natural environment?

Earthquakes can cause mountains to move. They can change existing lakes and rivers as well as creating new ones. Displaced water can cause floods. Coastal areas can be hit with tsunamis. Wild animals as well as people are displaced. Earthquakes pretty much effect all aspects of the lives in the areas where they occur.

How does human activity impact the soil?

Well as we know the soil is filled with many rich nutrients which in-turn allows for a better product. Taste, nutrition, even the growth period are affected by the type of soil a plant is grown in. The slash and burn method ruin the soil by killing many nutrients that are found within.

Evaluate the human and natural activities affecting the earth and its environment?

Human and natural activity can affect the earth and its environment in many different ways here are some of them: . Plastic is not decomposable and making plastics and other decomposable wastes causes landfill which can cause pollution of the local environment such as contamination of groundwater.

Does natural rubber impact the environment?

Unfortunately it has a relatively high reactivity with its environment, with oxygen and particularly ozone. Ozone causes surface cracking that can rapidly penetrate the component when even a low threshold value of tensile stress is applied. However, in components of fairly large cross sectional area, whilst there may be extensive surface reaction, depending upon the external stress pattern, actual penetration of the oxygen and ozone can be low, with the inside being protected by the degraded exterior.

What is impact of human beings on environment?

Human beings have created various environmental problems around theworld some of which the general ones may be: Rise of the temperature of the planet, pollution and drying-up ofrivers, oil spills, deforestation, Great Pacific GarbagePatch , land pollution, air pollution, e waste, speciesextinction and the list goes on and on...

What is a natural environment that has remained essentially undisturbed by human activity?

A natural environment that has remained essentially undisturbed byhuman activity is the lithosphere. This is the surface below theearth which only allows natural activities as the high temperatureskeep humans away.

How do humans impact the earth's environment?

Human beings play a big role in polluting the environment.The bigchemical factories,cars,Acs,dryers in fact everything that has madeour life's more comfortable impacts nature one way or the other.

What is the impact of human activity on the environment?

Some areas of our environment have definitely been affected by man while others are very debatable. One of the less debatable issues is the area of pollution of our waters and land. We use billions of tons of plastic each year wastefully and then discard this as waste. The overall affect is inexcusable. Yet, in our quest for a more convenient world we are using more plastic today then ever before. This is largely ignored because we feel good about the convenience of these items or we enjoy the increased styling of our automobiles decked out in plastic trim. The wasteful use of our natural resources is ignored in favor of less tangible (and far less real issues) like the ozone layer or global climate change. The ability to see the acidity of rain is easy and real, yet we belch out sulfur dioxides into our air. We can see ever growing landfills, yet returnable bottles are troublesome. Nuclear power is a clean and extremely safe method of delivering power, yet we make silly (and non productive) alternative systems that provide a feel good approach to the problem. The idea that man has anything to do with the current climate issues is foolish and easy proven incorrect, yet we still spew the idea to create political change and transfer wealth to other countries. The current warming trend started roughly 6000 years ago. All but 0.6 degrees of this change occurred before the first burning of fossil fuels according to every available source of data. The warmest year on record was over a decade ago, yet we still believe that CO2 (which makes up 0.038% of the atmosphere) is an issue. (The change to our atmosphere is 0.007% at worst by the way.) Real problems exist with over hunting of animals and over fishing of species. We should start to focus on real issues and move away from the politics. Humans impact the environment mostly in negative ways. Some of which include the cutting of trees, the burning of coal, and the pollution emitted from cars and factories. Cutting trees deprives the society from oxygen. Burning of coal and gas from factories and cars release toxic chemicals that are causing global warming.

What are the impact of human beings on the environment?

The impacts of humans on the environment is mostly negative. Global Warming, Pollutions,etc are some of the main causes.

Conclusion for impact of human activities on the environment?

Human activities have had a negative effect on the environment.This is because of urbanization, deforestation, pollution and thekilling of organisms.

How can recycling be used to minimise the impact of human activities on the environment?

Recycling can greatly decrease the impact of human activities onthe environment. This is because humans will not need to keepextracting these materials from the environment.

What impact does human activity have on wetlands?

The natural lands and wetlands were "developed." this major impact has human made in wetlands. Over many years, as areas have become populated with human beings that did not realize the significant and important value of wetlands, the wetlands were drained for roads, railroads, industry, cropland, housing, cities, and for controlling mosquitoes. Wetland waters were also diverted via man-made canals to other areas for agricultural use and to send to cities which kept growing larger and larger . Some wetlands were converted to aquaculture for controlled growing of fish, shellfish, mollusks (oysters, mussels, clams), crustaceans (lobsters, shrimp, crabs), and seaweed.

How do earthquakes impact the environment and humans?

Earth quakes can destroy areas and cities when the occur. especially places with big buildings and a lot of residents. they can tear apart forests. but earthquakes happening is part of nature. (when a techtonic plate moves)*example- san adreas fault*

Human lifestyles and their impact on the environment?

Human lifestyle has a lot of impact on environment. It causes either its good or bad.

What impacts does this process of hall-heroult process have on human activities and on the environment related to pollution?

All I can think of is •It requires a lot of energy to keep the solution molten this means that it creates a lot of pollution as the energy is need to be made from most likely fossil fuel power plants. •A lot of energy is wasted as heat energy. •The worldwide average specific energy consumption is approximately 15±0.5 kilowatt-hours per kilogram of aluminium produced (52 to 56 MJ/kg).. •Extracting new aluminium sources causes destruction to habitats and environments and leaves scars on the landscape.

How do humans impact the environment in Belgium?

They pollute the water and air by dirtying it. Ex. Water: Throwing household waste in the rivers, lakes and ponds etc. Air: Building more and larger industries which produce smoke that pollute our oxygen.

What is the impact of a volcano on the natural environment?

Research shows that volcanoes effect our earth by polution because inside volcanoes there are large amounts of rubble and rock that can burn. So, when the volcanoe errupts, the rubble and rock burn and the fumes go into the air and poloute it.

How can humans activities affect plants and their roles in the natural environment?

cloning, grafting... pest control studies, breeding for desired results such as co2 to oxygen conversion. we can and will affect them as well in years to come by creating machines to do jobs based on what we learn from plants and therefore when we (if we) populate other worlds perhaps we can make machines to get enough atmosphere control to grow plants on said planet. how ever our imagination wanders and we are able to follow with good solid researching and development indicates the answer to your question is endless. of course someones going to have a negative response to my answer, but when it does come just examine their content of their negativeness and ill bet you they have no input whatsoever that reveals any sort of answer to your question nor will it be very productive at all, for they will be a troll, hoping to enrage me, so to them i give a hearty laugh, and tell then in precursor to grow up. hahha (pretroll them before they troll you)

Which human activity has the greatest impact on the global environment?

The human activity with the greatest impact would be the burning of fossil fuels which we have been doing since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Burning fossil fuels (coal, oil and natural gas) releases carbon dioxide that has been safely sequestered underground for millions of years. Releasing it now is too much for the carbon cycle so the CO2 remains in the atmosphere, capturing radiated heat, and causing global warming.

How does an earthquake impact the natural environment?

Earthquakes can cause avalanches or mudslides that wipe out forests. they can trigger tsunamis and wake volcanoes. the 1707 Hōei earthquake in which a earthquake in Japan cause Mt. Fuji to erupt. they can also make cracks in gravel.

Who do environment of Cheetahs impact humans?

Well, Cheetahs are the most beautiful animal alive yet. Humans hunt them to get their fur because its very expensive to make it out of jacket. You can become very rich by selling 6 jackets of cheetahs skin.

Why do humans have a great impact on the environment?

humans have a great impaact on the envirnment because we produce water and other minarals

What are the positive impacts of human activities on natural resources?

Examples might be: . A coastal town that stopped pumping sewage into the ocean but instead diverted it to a treatment plant. . A village that stopped throwing rubbish into their river but instead found other ways to deal with it. . A country that educated its citizens (or changed the laws) about fertilizer use, so that chemicals stopped running into waterways and rivers.

Does wildfires have an impact on humans or environment?

Both, the wild fire smoke can be very deadly to humans when they breathe it in. Wildfires can also destroy houses and burn people to death. Wildfires are also harmful to the forests and the environment through destruction of trees (so less carbon dioxide is removed from the greenhouse gases), and carbon is also released into the atmosphere from the burning.

What impact does tsunami's have on the environment and on humans?

Well it causes a lot of destruction to homes, shelters, buildings and floods drown a lot of living things including people. It also destroys and rips out trees from their roots, and could drown plants.

What impact does the tornado have on the environment and humans?

Tornadoes can destroy vegetation and animal habitats and injure or kill animals. Tornadoes can also damage or destroy human property and kill or injure the humans

How does a hurricane impact on the environment and humans?

First off, humans would be impact by food source hurricanes destroy anythinq in their path including farm which produce the foods we need. For the Enviroment, tree would be torn apart or small places where animals home are leaving the animals homeless and destroying their food source as well Without proper protection, the Impacts are Quite Negative. The previous answer was incorrect. There are good and bad things hurricanes do to the environment. i know this answer isn't very helpful, but if you do further research, we hope you find what you're looking for.

Does a tornado have an impact on environment or humans?

A tornado has an impact on both the environment and humans. Though the impact on humans is more noticeable. Environmental impacts include the destruction of vegetation and animal habitats as well as the deaths of some animals. Similarly tornadoes can damage or destroy human property and kill or injure humans.

What impact does a wildfire have on humans or the environment?

Wildlife and humans share a very deep chemistry. Wildfires in the first place, cause a lot of damage i.e. they destroy the soil present there and make land infertile. A great deal of natural habitat is lost, ecosystems are lost. Things necessary for man, for its daily purposes are lost such as wood, timber etc. It indirectly also causes economic turmoil for the people dependent on those products for their livelihood.

Does a volcano have an impact on the environment or humans?

A volcano has an impact on both the environment and humans. It has an impact on the environment because it would kill all of the plants and scorch the Earth. It would have an impact on humans because if a human civilization lived there, it would wipe out their whole city.

What impact does hurricanes have on humans and their environment?

They impact humans by flooding homes and can also kill people. It hurts the environment by ruining lands and can make trees fall

What is positive human impact on the environment?

Humans help the earth in a good way. Aside from littering, we basically have a system going on. Every time we kill a tree we plant a tree. So that is good.

How does the Natural and human environment impact on wars answer in detail?

The innocent nature that includes air water and soil gets affected very harmfully by pollution through weapons used in war..... Humans and other animals gets subjected to many diseases due to war example under nutrition and wars also cause loss of life..... by g.van.sree

What is the impact of human activity on the natural vegetation?

the impact of human activity on the natural vegetation is buildingof dams and irrigation canals for the purpose of providing waterand for agriculture. Human used to plant seeds and grow them bytheir own. But nowadays everything is easy as farmers havetractors,bullocks(in some places) and many other modern devices forthe development of the environment. you may have seen peoplecutting trees for making furnitures,matchsticks,sports goods andmany other things. Do you think it is good? Well there is anadvantage as well as a disadvantage. The advantage is that you maybe comfortable with all the furnitures and sports goods for yourdaily needs. But the disadvantage is that if you cut trees theamount of oxygen in the air will reduce and carbondioxide willincrease resulting Global Warming. For example in China theyproduce some million tonnes of carbon dioxide which really harmfulthe nature. The roots of plants firmly bind the soil and that iswhy the soil is stable enough. but if we cut the trees then thesoil becomes loose resulting in soil erosion. So just keep thispolicy that if it is so necessary to cut 1 tree, plant 3 trees andmake the world a better place for you and for all the creatures inthe world before they get extinct. Thankyou!!

How does a industrial development of a place has a great impact on human activity and health as well as on the environment?

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What human activities affect the natural environment?

Spitting on the ground,litering,using the bathrrom on the gorund, cutting down trees, not reclying, and being disrespectfull to natuer.

How does human environment impact the natural world both positively and negatively?

positive because humans it help the environment and negative because some human being just abuse it

How does human activity make a negative impact on the environment?

Pollution is just one example of how humans negatively impact the environment. Pollution can be caused by various things like burning fossil fuels.

How do humans impact the natural environment?

We litter, we don't recycle as much as we can, we cut down tree's for resources, we add to global warming by creating greenhouse gases from cars, instead of walking or cycling. We don't reuse brownfield sites (areas which are rundown and have toxins in them, but can be cleaned and detoxified. However, many people do recycle and reuse. Many suppliers use renewable materials which preserves the earth's resources. Also, in many countries, renewable sources of energy are used such as solar power, tidal power and wind power to generate electricity.

What are the impacts of earthquakes on the human environment?

Earthquakes are really destructive and they are capable of killing and injuring a lot of people, separating families and friends. Earthquakes can also damage properties and lead to high insurance premiums.. Earthquakes can cause a lot of deaths. Many people can be killed when buildings collapse. The lucky ones may survive, yet they are trapped under rubble and have to stay there until the rescuers arrive, If they remain unfound, they will usually die of thirst or starvation.. The government will also need to spend a lot of money to reconstruct the buildings in the devastated area. Earthquakes can destroy a whole city or town, where buildings collapse and become unsafe to use. Giant cracks may appear on the ground.. Furthermore, earthquakes affect the lives of people. As the roads and bridges are wrecked by this natural disaster, cars and other vehicles cannot be used for transport. School and office buildings may also be destroyed, so people may lose their jobs and students may not be able to attend school..

How does a tornado impact the natural environment?

Tornadoes can tear up vegetation and destroy animal habitats.Swaths of wooded areas may be leveled.