What is the importance in studying science technology and society?

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the importance of studying science,tech,and society is so you know what you can do in nature and what you cannot do.
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Impact of science technology on society?

Technology expands the societyÕs knowledge. This also helps humanin increasing the understanding of how the world works and allowscommunication more efficient.

Why is it important to study science and technology?

Because it occurs in life more than often, less than math, but ever since ten years ago, technology has become mandatory to learn. And you need to know science because of chem

Impact of science and technology to the society?

Very helpfull but not for everyone. now a days more people are depressed. mentally disturbed. and don't know where they'r going. technology should be restricted and should hav

What is the important of Science technology society?

science technology is important because if we dont have science technology then we cant invent gadgets that we use to make hand work easier like computer,cellphone and other t

What is the differentiate of science and technology with society?

Science is the practice of coming up with theories and trying toprove or disprove them. Chemistry, astronomy, and physics are allexamples of science. Technology is taking thin
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How are technology and society related in science?

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