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The idea behind Karma is that you get what you receive. This means that if you do something good for somebody else, something good will happen to you in return, and the same for if you do something bad. The idea is to encourage people into doing many good deeds.
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What is karma?

Simply put, karma is where if you do something good for some person or creature and something good will happen to you in return. If you do something bad to someone or some cre

When does karma end?

When you have cleared all yourkarmic debts and attained salvation.

What is Karma and Dharma?

Karma is a Sanskrit word which means "action". It refers to the principle of cause and effect, according to which our experience now is the result of previous actions and all

Why is karma important to people who practice Buddhism?

Karma is important to all people, because karma is a person's actions, not the response to an action, as most people think. The word Karma means action or deed. A persons acti

How do you get karma?

Karma can be received in a positive way by doing things with compassion, while it can also be received in a negative way by doing things with base emotions (negative emotions

Is karma important in Hinduism?

The philosophy of Karma has importance in Hinduism since Hinduism believes in Spirituality and God. Since they believe in the theory of incarnatiomn and rebirth, they are taug

Why is Karma important to Hindus?

According to Shri Krishna Ji in Shrimad Bhagvad Geeta, every person should do his Karmas with full purity & without any greed.. Karmas are basically the responsibilities of a

What does karma refer to?

Karma is an ancient Hindu religious/philosophical concept that refers to the actions and reactions of deeds, whether it be a good deed or a bad one. "What goes around comes ar

How do you get 1000 karma?

I don't think you can... but you can do other things to get karma. ~ Once 5 players that you sponsored get their 1st karma point, you'll get one. Check the website for

How can you improve your karma?

Give out an open hand. Be helpful. Just setting the table makes people happy. Smile. As it will warm up anybody's day-even if you dont know them Be polite. Just one thank-you

How do you get 20 karma?

On Howrse you get 1 Karma point for every 30 registered days, or 1 Karma Point for every 10th pass you buy (1st, 11th, 21st, 31st etc etc).

How do you get bad Karma or good Karma?

Bad Karma is when you do a fowl deed or something that is not good. Example: Cheating, stealing, hurting someone, etc. Good karma is when you do something good, either for y

Why is Karma important in Hinduism?

because in Hinduism they think there whole lifes that they need to be good or else if you do somthing bad to someone somthing will happin to you.... IMPORTANCE OF KARMA IN
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What are karma?

negative or positive stuff that happen to you