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What is the importance of a business plan in managing business growth and survival in a competitive environment?

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Business plan enables you to easily foresee what you are doing and where are you going. When problems occurs, you can easily solve it. You can be more flexible when changes occurs in the environment.
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What the manager do in planning of business?

manager:   -1. Executive whose function is to plan, organize, and control, and to make decisions in order to achieve organizational objectives.   -2. In a public acco

How important is credit to the growth of a business?

For most businesses, credit is very important and provides the following benefits (but is not limited to the following): * Allows for reduced capital due to carry of payables

Importance of Strategic management to business growth?

It is a plan to grow a business at a reasonable rate. If the business grows too slowly, there is not enough profit to keep the doors open, and if it grows to fast, the economi

Why is it important for a business to have a business plan?

There are multiple reasons for a business plan, including but not limited to: 1. A business plan provides the direction for the company (direction defined as the goals/objec