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What is the importance of a business plan in managing business growth and survival in a competitive environment?

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Business plan enables you to easily foresee what you are doing and where are you going. When problems occurs, you can easily solve it. You can be more flexible when changes occurs in the environment.
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Why business managers might set growth as a business objective?

Growth leads to increased profit, expanding a business will allow  it to produce a wide range of products, create a brand name for  itself and sustain a position in the mark

Why are people important in the business environment?

A business can only run if there are people that can run a business these would be called the owner's, manager's ect... the business also need people to make the product with

Importance of legal environment of business?

The legal environment is important to business so that a business  runs smoothly. If a business, especially a large one, has no legal  department, they are much more open to

What is the importance of the business plan?

1. provide or enhance good industrial relationship. 2.Assist in effective decision making 3.Help to solve conflicts 4.increase production 5.lead to the achievement of

Why business plan is important?

why business plan is important?   It is important for several reasons. If you are applying for a bank loan, trying to get an investor, or raising money in general, nobody i

Why capacity planning is important to a business?

Having the wrong level of capacity causes negative effects. Too much capacity means that are costs are higher than they should be since we are paying for more land, equipment

Why is it important for a business to have a business plan?

There are multiple reasons for a business plan, including but not limited to: 1. A business plan provides the direction for the company (direction defined as the goals/objec

What is the importance of law in business environment?

1: protects businesses from having products copied (patent) 2: protects employers and customers (from deception) Without law, business organisations could not achieve desi

What the manager do in planning of business?

manager:   -1. Executive whose function is to plan, organize, and control, and to make decisions in order to achieve organizational objectives.   -2. In a public acco