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The overall purpose of MIS is to provide profitability and related information to help managers and staff understand business performance and plan its future direction.


1. MIS is always management oriented and keeps in view every level of management and gets the desired information.
2. Integrated - refers to how diff components(sub systems) are actually tied up together. eg: diff departments of organization linked together.
3. Useful for planning - as every organization makes log-term and short-term plans with the help of information like sales & production, capital investments, stocks etc management can easily plan..
4. Effective MIS helps the management to know deviations of actual performance from pre-set targets and control things.
5. its important for increasing efficiency.
6.MIS provides updated results of various departments to management.
7.MIS is highly computerized so it provides accurate results.
8.MIS adds to the intelligence, alertness, awareness of managers by providing them information in the form of progress and review reports of an ongoing activity.
9.Helps managers in decision- making.
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The overall purpose of MIS is to provide profitability and related information to help managers and staff understand business performance and plan its future direction.

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